It was 4am. I couldn’t sleep anymore, not because I don’t want to. My neighbours are awake. Iron buckets are cackling. It’s unusual, but no one is surprised. Iya mufu is dragging Mufu who is yet to be freed from the bondage of sleeping-spirit. Boda Samadi just got out of the bathroom. Baba Sumanu, Boda Lamidi, and Aunti Muraina, are on the queue waiting for their turn to get into the bathroom.

We all, just got an information that the dreaded disease; Ebola, is on its way to Jos. They didn’t tell us if it was coming by road or through an aircraft. Some said it was a revelation made to one ‘prophet’. Our sources do not correlate, the message does; “Drink and Take your Bath with Salt-Water!” that’s the message.

It was some time in 2014.

It didn’t take the whole day before we figured that we’ve been pranked, or we’ve pranked ourselves. We fell for a cock and bull story.

Before the end of that day, it turned into a joke and a tragedy. While some joked about the fears and the rush-hour bath, JUTH (Jos University Teaching Hospital) was filled. People experienced health complications. (Most of them with underlying illnesses such as High BP). Others Died.

I still don’t know the real source of that ‘Take-Salt-Water’ story. Do you?

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