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              The story is a bout a boy who is determined to find his family and faith brings him to his twin sister and they search for their parents and they found them.

Chapter 1

The beginning

               I had been raised by the orphanage in a country so poor you could hardly find a building which was cemented. I felt that there should be a better life somewhere at least I thought. I later grew up to be bored of the orphanage and always thought of running away but I didn’t need to because few days later the orphanage was being closed down because someone had bought it and was turning it into a casino.  So we were homeless as well as jobless. I really did not care because I always wanted to see the outside world.  But I was not allowed because who would not let a child who had one leg to move round the street.

On the day of the demolishing of the orphanage I felt by heart pain me when I saw the people who took care of me all of my life crying looking hopeless. I then started to beg as well. We begged the owner to let us stay but he did not allow us stay. I begged and pulled his fancy looking native that was very expensive. But he just shouted and asked some people who were armed to throw me out.

  Chapter 2 

The decision 

          And it was then I decided that I was never going to be poor even if it costs me my life. That night I slept on the cold floor with the other children in the orphanage I thought about how I was going to make and then I knew the first thing I had to do was to find my parents so I crept out of the uncompleted building which we slept and took one of the bag that someone had bought for me for Christmas. I sneaked into were the casino was being built and yes as I thought there were lots of snacks. I crept and took lots of food and snacks and lots of water. Then I knew that I needed to get my parents document or the person who got me there. I sneaked in and got the document and took other information that I needed I got back to the uncompleted building and packed some of my clothes

                            At night i woke up to the sound of my stomach grumbling. so i opened my bag and took out a soft snack that was round and written on it was Mat-ice doughnut. I enjoyed the doughnut.

  Chapter 3 

The partnership             

I thought about how I was going to move around and lost hope and then was when I heard someone crying. I followed were the crying was and there I saw Ella, the meanest girl in the orphanage, I wanted to turn back but I could not so I at down and comforted her I asked her why she was crying and she started crying more. I calmed her down and asked her the same question she said that she loved the orphanage but I did not believe her. She was the toughest and beat up children most of the time and by children I mean me. Her parents dropped her hear and told her that she was at a park for kids and ran away. I think the only reason she was cranky was because she was deceived I showed her my bag and asked if she could help me and she said yes only if I can find my family. We shared some ideas on how we were going to go to the city. She told me how great it was to have a family.



The journey

          At eight am in the morning we were already up and were ready to start our journey. Ella said we were going to need some other stuff so we took the matrons phone we also a long thing that you can use to listen to music Ella called ear piece. We also took twenty thousand naira out of our nanny’s bag and left. We read the document and my parents lived in Lagos and Ella and I decided that one’s i find my parents we would go look for hers .We got on a bus to Lagos and i read the document while Ella was thinking about her parents. While reading my document i came across Ella’s name in my document and when i showed Ella and she saw that we were twins and my  name was not David my name was Emma all along and the orphanage had been keeping this a secret all along so we kept on reading and our parents were wealthy billionaires who separated and one took each one child each. My mother took me and my father to Ella. The orphanage always convinced me that i  have been there since  birth. Ella said she knew her parents separated but she had never seen me in her life she only saw me at the orphanage. We were both confused but we needed some answers so we waited for the bus to stop so we could get down so we came down of the bus and she used the matrons phone to download an app called taxify were a taxi came to pick us up


Chapter 5 

The Beginning of a new life 

They got down of the car and started to walk towards the building we knocked on the door and a lady who looked liked me opened the door and immediately Ella ran towards  her shouting mum. it turns out that it was a misunderstanding all this while they thought we were in boarding school but the school actually takes the children to the orphanage and they are never found again. I also have two siblings  a girl and a boy excluding Ella. We hugged our parents.





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  1. Beautiful write up very good imagenary power this was how other writters like Woke Soyinka and Chinue Achebe started, may God increase you in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

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