Covid 19:The unveiling of ironies

Covid 19:The unveiling of ironies

Covid 19 : The unveiling of ironies

It started like a joke I remember I felt it was just a flu

Well even the almighty malaria had no effect

Until the headaches came,then the loss of taste

Felt malaria had come again after all it was my normal nemesis not knowing it was covid 19

Now they said it was not deadly yet they were wailing like I had just Departed the world

I was not only isolated from my family but I watched the world being isolated from itself

Yes it was transmittable but instead of bringing people together it separated the bond they shared

While I was told it wasn’t a death sentence my own feelings had died with the look I got from my family members it was like I was an outcast

It was worse than malaria I was told but June died of malaria last night

Because the doctors were busy attending to covid patients now who made covid the king of all diseases that others are left to die for covid to live

Is it not an irony that sicknesses are not treated equally both covid was given the position of a first born with a crown

You would have expected our hospitals to have seen an upgrade after all covid is the new king in town

But I still saw nurses fighting to get the first set of needles

Doctors waiting for their turns to wear a kit and hospital wards beginning not to be compared with sardine

And we say we are fighting a pandemic If I was covid I would have been disappointed that despite my huff and my puff like the big bad wolf they just decided not to still take me serious

One thing covid did was to make all of us fall in love with video calls and embrace alternate ways to make things faster well that is a plus

But covid took away the bond and not only isolated people but relationships

I am home now I recovered from covid but covid took a bond from me which can never be replaced

My family members still keep a distance it’s even worse than social distance at least if it were physical it would have been better

But this distance is of the heart


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