What type of African writer are you?

What type of African writer are you?

Hi there. Ever wondered what type of African writer you are? Well you don’t have to, anymore.

Kindly answer the questions below sincerely to find out what type of African writer you are

What do you love writing about?

What's your favourite pasttime?

You're inlove with someone, how do you tell them?

A snake bites you, what's the first thing you do?

Which of these words will your closest friends use to describe you?

Which of them is closest to you

How do you write?

Your favourite ending to a story?

What type of books do you enjoy reading?

What type of African writer are you?

You Got Chimamandah Ngozi Adichie 🎉

You love writing fictional stories, but enjoy writing non-fictions more. Your biggest aspiration as a writer is to not just make money but to be a voice, an icon and a role model to many

You Got Wole Soyinka 🥳

You're a proud writer. You believe in writing about obscure concepts and being "deep". You are passionate about being unique and standing out.

You got Elnathan John! 👀

Satire is your attire! You love addressing societal issues using humour, wit and satire. You believe that satire is a strong form of art that can be used to rewrite the status quo

You Got Chinua Achebe🤠

Fiction is your forte. Your writings are so full of wisdom, and truth and sombre reflection

You Got Trevoh Noah 🤡

You're a clown. You love writing only funny things that would make your readers laugh their ass off, literally. You're also classy too.

You Got Tomi Adeyemi!🤗

You're the new kid on the block! Your imagination is so wild and so real that you are able to build new realities from it.

You Got Faith Moyosore!

You're the founder of the African writers. You're a pioneer. You love writing, but you also believe in developing platforms to enable people become better writers themselves

You Got Kola Tubosun

You love writing about academic topics. Research excites you. You're either reading a book or watching a documentary. Efiko

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