Are you eligible to celebrate Children’s day? Let’s find out

Are you eligible to celebrate Children's day? Let's find out

If you were to drink only one of these forever, which would it be?

You're in danger, which of the following will you do?

Which of these can you eat forever?

What's your favourite movie type?

What's your favorite part of the mall to visit?

What do you think about 90% of the time?

You're suddenly exposed to your parents phones, what would you do?

How do you eat?

Are you qualified to celebrate Children's day? Let's find out
You got: Big Baby Gang!

You might seem big in people's eyes, but deep down you're actually a child. You love watching cartoons and anime and you still do erepa (rough play) once in a while. You deserve to celebrate Children's day ūüéČ
You got: Full Blown Adult gang!

You're not in your child phase anymore so you shouldn't celebrate children's day. Congratulations for being an adult.
You got: Full-Term Babies Gang.

Wow! All that's left is to change your meal plan to cerellac. Happy Children's day to you. Have fun jumping in bouncing castle today.
You got: Adult Child!

This means you're stuck between being an Adult and acting like a child. Biko, choose one and let us know where you belong

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