Diamond ♦ Piercing :Classy or Crazy ?

Diamond ♦ Piercing :Classy or Crazy ?
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Society has advanced to the stage where the human skin has become a sketchpad. Different patterns are stringed together to form a design on the flesh of a living being. Before I proceed, let me ask you a few questions.

Do you know what diamond piercing is? Have you ever heard of it?.

If your answer is NO to any of these questions then dear reader,get a bottle of chilled drink as we explore this reinvogarating trend in the fashion world.

Hmm….Gone are those days when fiancées, brides, moms (female folks) wear wedding bands -I’m not kidding you-. What we have as a replacement for engagement rings or wedding rings (as the case may be) is Diamond Piercing. Now, what exactly is this art we’re talking about?.

It is a process whereby parts of the skin on the ring finger is peeled off by a well skilled tattooer with his tools and a glittering expensive diamond is placed permanently on the skin.This skin art has generated a lot of controversy due to its disregard for the old tradition of wearing a proper ring 💍 and the reality of a gem being stuck on your finger.

As it is said that different strokes for different folks. While some are not so happy with this skin art some female folks are very excited and cool with it. It has become the order of the day amongst females abroad, meanwhile it’s just gaining popularity ground in Nigeria. The beauty of this art is its uniqueness when you are in the midst of females, obviously you will stand out. Furthermore, we should note that it saves you the cost of buying a new ring when you misplace the previous as a result of removing it every now and then. Your finger will be the real definition of Rihanna’s chorus “you are beautiful like a diamond in the sky”.

However, it is of great importance to have an insight into the awry part of this, as we all know that memory is a facility common to all beings. At times it could be hurtful and unpleasant to get a Diamond – Piercing in an abusive relationship cos the memory lingers forever and the sight of the gem will then be like a beaming volcano of pain.

My dear reader, please have a second thought and know what you are getting into before you go for this amazing skin art.

It is pertinent to note that Diamond piercing is beautiful, but what is the essence of a beautiful adornment birthed by love but involves the application of pain?

Diamond piercings are as beautiful as they are painful, deforming and permanent. So, before you make the decision to pierce, be sure that your yes is a yes and sincere yes.

Dear readers,If you were asked to choose between wedding band or diamond piercing, Which will you go for?.I’ll love to hear your intellectual opinions on this issue. Reply through the comment section below!.

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Wow,I’m actually just knowing about this,Seems cool tho,and i feel one necessarily do not have to be engaged/married to get one….It could be a personal choice….That way you’re going in with an informed mind of the pain and whatever outcome.

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