I want a Break!


‘I need a break from all these’ were the words I kept on saying to my friend, Oyin. “I need a break jhare!”.

God indeed answered my prayers on a Monday morning by granting me a break from school stress that wanted to kill me by giving me an avenue to rest through the strike embarked on by our lecturers. I was supposed to have a series of test this same week but due to the strike, none was going hold. I packed my bags right after I received a message on WhatsApp from my class governor confirming the news. As I was packing up my roomies kept on asking me “Iyanu are you sure about this? Shouldn’t you wait till tomorrow at least? We will miss you oh”😀.

Yes, they were going to miss me because I was the the most lively in the room, the one who always has the latest gist. I answered her in affirmative that I couldn’t be certain about anything more than going home to rest.

I fantasized a fun filled holiday like I see in American movies where they go for sighting-seeing with their 📷 cameras, sleep and eat all day, have a barbeque party, game night and so on. I enjoy fantasies so don’t shake your head for me.

I actually slept and ate all day on my first day at home. Little did I known that it was just a one-time thingy. The next day, I was forced to wake up by 6am, cook for the entire family (morning,afternoon and night), clean everywhere around the house, replace all damaged bulbs in the house with a new one, power on the generator whenever there’s no electricity, follow mom to shop, act as second mommy for my younger ones, gateman for daddy, bear majority of the house chores with little help from my younger siblings.

I remember when Tobi was ill and mom stayed with her in the clinic for days and I became the mother figure in the house for a whole week.

Gosh! those five days she spent in the clinic was like five months to me. Our grandparents came over to visit us during the time Tobi was admitted in the hospital. They stayed till she got back home and spent an extra two weeks with us just to be certain that everyone was fine(you know how African grandparents are 😃).

 Let me not forget when Uncle Bayo flew in from his USA trip. He said he came home because of the Christmas/ New year holiday he was given. He brought 🍫 chocolate and clothes;clothes I couldn’t get any from because they were too small, hence they were claimed by my siblings.

On new year day,Uncle Bayo’s friends came to visit him in our house, each came with his girlfriend. Some of dad’s friends made home calls as well. Mom and I spent hours in the kitchen cooking. I did the cleaning in the evening and guess what I did the day after? – I locked my room and slept for hours( I can’t come and go and kill myself). I find little time to read my books due to the fact that I’m a movie freak and workload at home is hectic.

 Here I am again, screaming in my head to myself ‘I need a break’ from all these work work work. I want to go back to my school to read my books and have my personal space without having to worry about my younger ones going through my stuffs and coming to disturb me in my room. I now have a prayer point I say daily that the Lord should touch the heart of ASUU plus the government so that they’ll call off the strike.

See, don’t think I’m lazy oh, don’t even think about it. I just don’t like stress. I also know that all this work I do at home is training for future purposes, but I’ve had more than enough of it already. If not, mother wouldn’t find me competent enough to take care of the house in her absence when Tobi was ill. I am a penultimate student for that matter.

I Just Need a Break!!!

This is a literary work of faction,based on the writer’s imagination and realisation. All names and events are purely co-incidental.

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