Newest discoveries!!!

Newest discoveries!!!

Whut?! Wait, what?! I am actually all these. Wow wow wow, fantabulous!

Today makes it two hundred and ten days since I’ve been at home for holiday. More than half a year, fam!  I came home from school immediately after my exams with the intention of coming to flex for two weeks only (winks). 😂 Little did I know what was in stock for me.  Ah ah ah. “lati” March 2020 this is August 2020,we are still here. 

A week after I got home, the pandemic started spreading like wild fire from state to states. It was as if the north and west were in a coronavirus disease relay race competition. The numbers of confirmed cases was going up and up and up and up and uppp. As a result of that, FG declared a national lock down. SG took the control baton from FG and before I could call ‘Jack Robinson’ , I’ve spent a whole session  sitting my ass at home. 

I’m not accustom to that kind of holiday (especially when it’s not cos of  ASUU strike ). Actually, black people aren’t use to that kind of lifestyle. The one where you just stay in your house for days doing nothing productive except sleeping and eating. No! We are not accustom to that. Bhet, guess what!?! (this is the part where you’ll say “what?” and I’ll answer you in the next paragraph)

This sweet holiday (ahdon wantu say sad) has made me discover some sweet things too. 

  1. I am very good at babysitting kids below 5 years old. Yeah! … If not for this pandemic, I wouldn’t have known that I could still recite my nursery rhymes joyfully without mincing nor jumbling words. My parents asked all my senior ones to send their kids over for a short while. That’s a lie, it wasn’t a short while! It was for sixty days bruh 😂. I am the only single pringle in my family. As a Nigerian, you already know what that means. I am saddled with the responsibility of mothering half a dozen kids. Those kids are sweet at heart and also stubborn at listening. As per the up and coming African woman that I am, I showed them that we all need to be calming down so that “baba dudu” will not touch somebody. 
    1. I enjoy washing clothes more than doing the dishes. Can you please raise your hand ✋ if you are with me on this table? Thank you.  “ah mo n fọ yatí ninu aṣọ”. Plates that will get your hand soiled in oil and bones. Mtchew🙄
    2. I have a special talent in crash reading. Oh yes!. I have taken like 6 different courses online and I wouldn’t read my modules until it’s a day to the exam but guess what?!  I always excel in my exams or test and end up getting a certificate as beautiful as I am. 
    3. I am not a cookist 😂. Rest a little. I’m not certain that word exist but all I’m saying is that; I can not spend long period of time in the kitchen cooking all sorts of food Or experimenting recipes like I’m some A-list chef. Nay! It’s not my thing. You may ask me, what then is my thing? My thing is entering the kitchen, prepare something light and bounce out. My mom and I have discussed over this a million and one time this holiday. She thinks I’m a lazy bone but I think I’m just a baby girl for life. Heyyy! Don’t judge me. I am a good cook. FYI , I always prepare the amala and ewedu in the afternoon. I just don’t live in the kitchen 😂. 
    4. I can watch  YouTube videos from 7:00 am till 19:00 in the evening. My new found love is that web space where people say “please click the subscribe button”. I’ve discovered amazing tech stuff as well as amazing fashion/ lifestyle vlogs too. Let me not even get started with the TED Talks, I’ve watched 100+ of it. Oh, I can not forget the weekly TV drama series and those comic skits that make me beat myself while laughing. I recently discovered that one trending series (rumour bla bla bla) is a true life story of one Vlogger on the same App. 
    5. My parents think I’m weird. They do not understand why I will always subscribe the TV decoder every month just to end up watching only one channel daily . Spice TV. I just love to watch models on the runway with their clothes, heels and the way they swing their hips. My dear, “shey o le swing hips ẹ?” cos if you can not, feel free to  call me Aunty when next you see me. 
    6. Last one oh. I always wear my socks and sweater to bed. Every night! Don’t blame me. The breeze around here is a really strong one. It’s always cold at night. Moreover, I think first floors are usually colder than ground floors. I am prone to get cold easily, even by the slightest exposure. I get goose bumps anyhow. So you see, I’m a baby girl for life. 

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