Trans-ability : pitiful or scornful?


On a Sunday afternoon five hours after church, John was rushed into the emergency room of a government owned ūüŹ• hospital. Few minutes later, the doctor came to announce that John’s left leg will have to be amputated to save him from wringing in pain. This was how he lost one leg and started using crunches after spending months on a wheelchair. This is the unfortunate incident we all were made to believe for 3 years until I stumbled on John’s diary and the inquisitive spirit in me lured me to open it and read through. Hmmmn, and what I discovered left my jaw open till I was drooling spit. I’m sure you want to know it, follow me to the end of this article…

Trans-ability is defined as the desire or the need for a person identified as able bodied by other people to transform his or her body to obtain a physical impairment. In other news it is a kind of sexual desire that makes an able bodied person to feel uncomfortable in their naturally endowed complete body, it is an intense feeling that makes one feel like an impostor in one’s skin and individually owned body.

Research carried out by psychologist have ruled Trans-ability as more of a neurological disorder than a personality disorder. However, there is a thin layer of distinct difference between trans-genders and trans-abled folks,while the former is more of a personality disorder than the latter.

Trans-ability is that strong will to become disabled ‚ôŅ despite all odds, they go to any length to achieve their desire. Trans-Ability otherwise known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) has been under studied for years by doctors, therapists, academics and psychologist since it was first discovered in 1990 before it became progressive in 2003 and still progressing in our modern day society.

Trans-abled folks put up a make believe scenario or story in order to achieve their aim of becoming disabled. Don’t get it twisted by seeing disabled people as the same as trans-abled people, they are totally different. Owing to the fact that disabled people are disable by chance and not deliberately while trans-abled people are disable by choice and deliberately. This is just another form of body diversity that’s characterised by Apotemnophilia -like John did, Self-harm e.g to deliberately pour chemical in one’s eye so as to be blind, Therapy -obviously they need one ūüėĀ-, Self injury e.g throwing oneself off a moving bike hoping to result in a spinal cord injury, Near death experience e.g attempting to paralyze oneself by jumping off buildings which later results in after-life, Counseling – like they need to talk about it at an early stage-, Illegal surgeries ie making payments for a risky, expensive and illegal surgery, etc.¬†

Due to societal advancement, BIID patients are mostly directed to a therapist where they sought psychiatric help and a simulation of a disabled person life is done rather than a physical impairment. For example, treating your legs as if they are completely immobilized and restricting yourself to a wheelchair instead of an amputation or limb severity.

Some experts believe that this may help to alleviate the urge to self harm with many BIID patients.
So, back to what I saw in John’s diary. He was the one who intentionally staged an accident at home by jumping down through his room window into the garden and unfortunately for him he fell on dad’s abandoned wood-work tools which pierced his skin deep. John knew he had BIID but instead of talking to me {his best friend like he always calls me} about it or our mom, he kept it to himself till he couldn’t hold it anymore. Now after reading ūüďĖ his diary, I’m confused as to what to do.

Should I just go to the sitting room and tell everyone the truth so he’ll be scorned? or should I pity him and pretend like I don’t know anything? Hmmmn if you were me what will you do?.Thanks for reading till the end.

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