I only had one best friend in my life, she is celebrating her birthday today and I’m running late!!! I even helped in decorating their house but had to go back home to get dressed and now I’m three minutes late!! She’d kill me, that’s for sure.

Hi, I’m April, I’m 16 and I’m in my last year in secondary school. I have two siblings, a brother and sister and I’m the last child. My best friend is Raina and just like I said earlier, today is her birthday. This day has been planned for weeks. It’s a small party with just our class mates. We’re being supervised by Raina’s parents and brother so were good, no alcohol, no drugs, all good.

Some of the guests had arrived by the time I got to the house and I spotted Ray, as I like to call her, talking to one guy in our class, Sam. She looked really cute in her purple gown and I’m glad she didn’t put any make up on. She looked better without it. Making my way towards her, she sensed my presence and looked up from her Sam shooting me a glare. “Ray, I’m sorry. I didn’t know I’d be late,” I said and added quickly before hugging her, “Hi, Sam. And Ray, you look dazzling in that dress, suits you.”

  “ Yeah, without make up.” She huffed.

“I always told you, you look better without  makeup. Am I right, Sam?” I looked at Sam for approval and he gave a nod. “She’s right, Raina, you look more beautiful in your natural look.” Raina smiled thankfully  and looked around. More people were coming in and some were already on the makeshift dance floor, dancing to some afro beats. Her presents lay on a table beside the cake and I’m sure mine easily stands out as Ray knows me well enough to know how I wrap my gifts. I never close the ends of the wrapping sheet, I just find a ribbon and style it like a bow or something. Ray thinks it’s not cool but I think it’s better. And it stands out, so it makes me feel special.

As more people came into the house, the busier we got. I only saw Ray like twice now. Some of our classmates were on the couch, playing truth or dare which I am uninterested in. More people were on the dance floor and you could make out some couples getting all lovey dovely on the chairs out on the lawn.. Cringe, if you ask me. Well, since my social skills were failing to comply with me at the moment, I make my way to the kitchen to get a drink.

Right now, all I can think of is why the school chose this weekend to get my boyfriend to represent her at a competition. He’s the captain of the football team and we’ve been together for a year. He would have made a good company and I wouldn’t feel so lonely. I’m sure he’ll mock my social skills when he hears of this. Typical Gregg.

Downing my Fanta in one go, I made my way to Ray’s room. My cheeks feel so tired from smiling all day and I really need to sleep if I have to help with the cleaning later. Getting closer to her room, I heard someone giggle. Curious, I pressed my ear on the door and I could make out a male’s voice and hers too. She sounded drunk but I shrugged off the thought, we had a strict rule, no alcohol. But the male voice was so familiar, sounded like my boyfriend but he’s at the competition. Or is he? Leaning closer, I was able to hear their conversation.

“Ape mustn’t know I’m here, I’m supposed to be at the competition, remember?” No one else calls me Ape at school, just Gregg and Ray.

“C’mon Gregg, everyone at school except her knows you’re not at the competition. She’s just so dumb!! And you can just make an excuse of surprising her if you’re caught! You wouldn’t want to miss my party, right?”

“Of course not. But you know, she doesn’t know what’s going on yet. What if she comes…” He was interrupted by the opening of the door. And there he was, my boyfriend who was at a competition this weekend with my best friend in his lap. They jumped apart, surprised that they were caught. I was dumbfounded. This was so unexpected, how could I not have noticed anything? Raina looked like she was caught doing drugs by the police and Gregg was staring at his feet, unable to meet my eye. Taking in a deep breath and letting out a bitter chuckle, I looked between the both of them. “Care to explain to this very dumb girl what’s going on?” Raina was quick to answer, “It’s not what you think!” I looked at her with mockery in my eyes, “Ohh? It’s not me seeing my best friend and my boyfriend together?” I said spitting out the words like some bitter medicine. Gregg’s shoulders were slumped and he answered, “Ape,” he started but he got a glare from me, “April, I’m sorry. We never meant for you to find out like this. Trust me, I tried to tell you but..” I nodded my head slowly out of disbelief, “And how long has this been going on?” Now, this question, I dreaded. What if they had been together even before we got together?? I never thought I was going to date the captain of the school’s football team because I never wanted to be the famous one. Raina however, wanted to be famous, she was friends with the fashion trendy girls, the saucy girls who dated only had a job to torment others and I was just in her shadow. I loved not being noticed but I guess I never realized that I was being dumb enough to let her step over me. Looking at Raina who has now gained her composure and is now pouting with crossed arms on her chest, I turned back to Gregg who looked uneasy about the question. “6 months ago?” Wait, what? I grabbed a textbook on a near by table and smacked him across the face. He held his face in pain and Raina looked startled.

“What the hell? Wow.. just wow!! And you ‘tried’ to tell me but you couldn’t for the past six months. How great Gregg, just nice.” I then turned to my new ex-best friend, “How’s it going for you Raina? Happy now? You’ve always wanted to date the famous guy, always wanted to be close friends with the pretty social girls and you always complained about me being the reason you’re laying down but I see you weren’t laying down at all, you’ve been rocking your way up all this while. How’s being famous? Great?”

She looked at the book in my hand for a minute and I laughed bitterly, “What? You think I’m going to smack you across the face? I would be delighted to but YOU should know I’m not a BULLY.” She flinched at the new name. “Look, Ape…I mean April, it’s wasn’t supposed to be like this, he was supposed to tell you this a long time ago but he just kept holding back his confession. And yes, yes I wanted to be famous and you were holding me back. What’s so bad in wanting to be noticed for once?? You get all the attention at school effortlessly while some of us have to try to make ourselves recognized. You’re easily the prettiest girl in school and boys drool over you every time but you just seem so dumb to notice. Why do you think those girls come to eat at our table during lunch? It’s because they want to be close to you but you never strike a conversation with them and they don’t want to be friends with Ape’s friend, just Ape. You think I was happy to be referred to as just your friend? No!! I am Me!! I want to be known as me!! I am Raina and I have a name. You claim you don’t want to tag people on your Instagram photos but then whenever I want to post a bikini picture of myself, you always find a way to criticize it!! You yell at me to delete it like I’m not beautiful enough. I want to be recognized. Even if it means betraying you.” She said. I was astounded. She was jealous of me? I am the prettiest girl in school?? I don’t even put efforts to my dressing and I do not wear make up. I’ve not made another close friend except her!! I only have classmates who I’m friends with through group projects and all but I never guessed that I was so famous to them. But still, Raina did this without caring, and she always loved to bully others even though I reprimand her almost everytime.

“Raina, you made yourself feel like you were under my shadow because you were so obsessed with being famous. Tagging you on Instagram and hooking up with my boyfriend aren’t even in the same universe. And those bikini pictures? I was trying to be helpful, dimwit! Go ahead and flaunt your nakedness everywhere!! What does fame have to do with me? You are so blinded by this mission that you don’t care about other people’s feelings, you bully juniors who you think are not up to your standard to be noticed??? Well, you’ve been noticed now. Have a great life dating Gregg and being the famous girl, you ungrateful witch with the B!” And with that, I stormed out her room but not before smacking Gregg again but this time, on his nose. So much for a wonderful secondary school life. I made my way back to the front of the house and luckily, didn’t run into her brother or her parents. I don’t know what to say to them. I got home in no time and met my sister and my parents on the dinning table, eating. Guess my brother is out for the night too. Mum beckoned to me and served me some food though she had a worried look on her face. I had tried to conceal my feelings by smiling a little but I just feel so tired. After eating, dad cleared his throat and asked, “Is everything okay, honey?” I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, “Gregg and Raina have been together for six months.” I said. My mum gasped and hugged me close.

“But you’ve been with him for a year and he’s been cheating for that long? How come you didn’t notice anything? You’re so unlike me. Too soft. Ugh…” My sister spat and started scrolling through her phone. I looked up from Mum’s hug and glared at her, “Well, you know what Jane, not everyone is like you. I don’t have to be like you, classy and all. Just because you’ve had your own share of heartbreaks doesn’t make it normal for me too. And I’m very sure you were the reason why most of your relationships fail. So much for being a big sister.” I said before stomping up to my room. I know I was being rude but I just had to let out my anger, it wasn’t her first time finding faults in me and I’ve grown tired of it. But then, what a night!! Betrayal+Sibling drama? Today can’t be forgotten, never. After spilling out my eyes for like an hour, I went to the bathroom to clean my face and get ready to sleep. I was tucking myself in when my door opened and my sister came in. She looked like she just finished crying and I felt guilty. She sat down on my bed and I sat up too, no words exchanged yet. A moment passed before I said, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” She nodded her head. “I guessed I deserved it. I’m sorry. It’s just… Aprilia, you don’t know how it feels. You’re the last child in the house and mum and dad have been doting over you since you were a kid! You’ve been allowed to do things we were never allowed to do. I feel so alone and rejected when I get yelled at for something while you just get reprimanded when you make the same mistake. I feel jealous. You never open up to me, you just want to be alone without sharing your problems with anyone and I feel like I’m not good enough as a sister to you, and maybe that’s why you never wanted to be close to me. And about those relationships, I broke up with them because they always wanted more than I could give. Who made it a rule that I have to sleep with a boy to show him that I like him? It’s dumb and I can’t sleep with anyone because of that. And I get compared to you almost every time. My grades are never as good as yours, you’re a better cook than I am, you clean the house once in a while and you even got a scholarship! Dad’s always ranting my ears and I guess that has always made me resent you and I’m sorry if I haven’t been the best person to be around. I truly am.” She said, with tears running down her cheek and I moved closer to hug her. “I’m so sorry, I never realized you felt that way. I thought you just didn’t want to be close to me and that’s why I never come to you for help or advice. You just made hurtful comments on things that I do and I wanted to stay away from you. I’m sorry, we’ll talk to mum and dad too.” Jane kept mumbling her apologies and hugged me back and we stayed like that. It felt great to be special to some people in your lives and I have never felt like I had a friend in my sister till now. I always thought she hated me for something I didn’t know and I made a task to avoid her. But seriously, in one night? Two people confessed they’re jealous of me? How many more people are there?? We only broke our hug when my brother came into my room with a bag of ice cream and surprised, asked, “What in the world is going on here? A sister reunion?” We giggled and pulled apart and he came in, placing the ice cream on the bed and I opened it and started eating it while I conversed with the both of them. Bailey, my brother, had heard about what happened from one of my school mates, how that school mate knew- I don’t know and he decided to being me ice cream. My ex boyfriend/ex best friend betrayal was soon forgotten as I laughed at my brother’s ideas on what I could do to get back at my ex friend and his adventures with the girls he had dated. My sister settled in my bed with me and we chatted the night away. I’m sure I had fallen asleep at a point but when I woke up the next morning, I felt refreshed. It felt like I just left the darkness and I just stepped into a new light. I felt safe with these two by my side and I was happy to know that they got my back in anything I do. But right now, it’s time for me to put on my big girl pants and show my exes what this dumb girl can do without them.

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