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So this happened and I don’t know if I’m just being weird like I am or something but….

Does anyone remember watching power rangers when we were little?? Like- Power Rangers Samurai, Mystic force, Jungle fury, SPD, Dino Squad etc.?

Damn..(mind my language), but we were so into it (really!) and back then, if you said you didn’t like it, then you’re considered boring as hell. I was my innocent self😩 until my cousins😑 dragged me into watching it (by constantly watching it in my presence and literally chanting their names all day).

[Whisper]Trust me, they did🌚

So today…. this evening to be precise, I was going through TikTok and I came across this video of a guy illustrating what the villains or monsters would have felt like while waiting for the power rangers to finish morphing and in my head, I was thinking🤔, “Yeah, guy, that’s true. The monsters could have used that opportunity to get them👌!!” Right? Cos, your enemies have to find ways to distract you and take you on. Right??✌️

P.S, someone better like👍this and pass a comment👄cos I’d be dropping weird stuff like this more often👀. And this is just a tip off (wicked innocent smile here 😁)

So I had this urge to watch an episode cos you know, memories?😶 and I went to Big Ole YouTube🏁 and searched for an episode. Dear YouTube, I admire your patience, you seriously still had those? I was surprised to be honest.

Anyways, I found a whole lot of videos and when I watched some, I was so convinced that I was stupid as a kid😑. No cap😐. I mean, I dreamt of being one of them😩! I was the pink ranger in the family😣 Everyone knew that😥! Baby brother always fought to be red ranger though he lost that role to my big cousin😌.

Urggg…. I feel like crying😩😩.

They were holding plastic toys and in SPD as an example, they crossed their arms, shot it out, pressed a bottom and yelled “SPD!! EMERGENCY!!!”😮😥. Then did some crazy funny moves where they travelled into a realm where their clothes were changed to their colors and then they start to fight some dumbly (sorry to the producers😐 and a dictionary cos I don’t think dumbly😁exists) created monsters who wants to rule over the world. I kept thinking, am I still on earth cos where do you live? Where are the monsters from and what world were they trying to conquer?!!! No way, not you toys…😆

Lest I forget, I kinda liked the SPD master, and umm…. Their master was a 🐕….. Yep, incase you didn’t watch it, you read right. A dog. And he was the Shadow ranger, very powerful and you gotta see his morph video.

So…. I’m not about to compliment what I just criticized.

What planet was Grimm from again??

I watched SPD so much, I’m not surprised I remember some names.

Enough with my thoughts and I would so love to hear what you have to say about watching power rangers as a kid!! Share your experiences and let’s have fun!!

Much love😃! And God bless😍!!





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