Dream dreams

Dream dreams

Dreams are not just the imaginary events that pops up into our head while we sleep.

Our dreams are long term goals that is birth from our passions. And you can only achieve your dreams by pursuing your passion.

Your dream can be your decision or it might be inspired by the dream of someone else.

Some of us have big dreams, dreams that could become our legacy, but because of hearsay we drop it.

Your dream, big or small shouldn’t be cut short because it’s different from every other person you’ve met.

Pursue your dream.

Refuse to give up! Quit complaining about what doesn’t seem to be right.

If your dream scares you, then you must achieve it.

Face your dream and fight it head on. Continue till the finish. 

Trust me, it’s better to start and end than to start and stop in the middle. You’d always wish you ended it.

Go after your dream.

Dream big. Dream dreams!

But before these, what is your dream?

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