Not a dream

Not a dream


Why don’t babies have memories of the day they were born? Or at least, of the moment they came out of their mother’s womb?. I really wish I could remember what happened on that day or was it a night? Whichever. Benny says it’s because a baby’s brain hasn’t formed quite well yet.

I wish I could remember the face of my birth mother, maybe then will I know Joy.

Benny is my friend. Benjamin Eze. My brother, my teacher, my confident and best friend.

I first met Benny when I was at age eight. I had just been transferred to Tesy’s Home for the unwanted. A very weird name for the home of orphans. The home I was staying before then was called Breakthrough home. I didn’t really like it there and am not sure if I’ll like it here either. I was always bullied by older kids and even my age mates cause I’m quite small for my age. Breakthrough home was going through some financial challenges and had to give up many of us to different homes.

Whenever I got bullied,I always tell the other kids my mother was going to come back for me and she’ll be very mad at them. But they all laughed at me cause they think I was stupid. They reminded me that my mother left me at the home’s front door while I was just 2days old with my name roughly scrabbled on a piece of paper.

One thing they always forgot to mention is that she also promised to come back for me. I’ve been waiting for 8 years and I guess I can wait for 8 more to see her.

The moment I saw Madam Tessy, I knew I was gonna hate this new home more. She was a very chubby woman with a small head sitting on her huge shoulders. She was a bit taller at least taller than Miss Bola who was assigned with the job of helping me settle down in my new home. Madam Tessy had a very husky voice, one would think it was a male speaking. And she was quite endowed in all the right places. I wonder if my mother was endowed cause I want to be too.

‘You sent for me ma’am’ a lady in her late twenties said while peeping through the office open door.

‘Yes please, Sarah take the little girl to the playground I want to discuss some things with her guildian’

‘Yes ma’ Sarah took my hand and pratically dragged me it of the office.

Everyone was playing or chatting with one another when I got to the playground.

I decided to sit underneath a tree at the far end of the playground and zoomed off into my world. Most times I like being in a world of my own. This time I was in America playing with some of my friends who really really adores me.

‘Why are you smiling?’

Why should I tell you, I wanted to ask but I didn’t wanna offend the big boy so he wouldn’t hurt me. So instead I said, ‘Nothing’

‘Did your parents come to check out one of us to be your siblings?’

Oh, he must have thought I was here with my parents to adopt. But why will he think so, I look nothing like a child with her parents.

‘Please, can you tell your parents to adopt me. I promise I’ll be a good brother to you. I promise I’ll not hurt you. I promise to protect you no matter what. Please’ he pleaded holding my hand.

I couldn’t say what happened but I love that he was holding my hand. His word was genuine, the best of words I’ve heard in years. He promises to protect me?. I felt more alive with those words until I remembered he was just saying them because he needed to be adopted. How cruel could this place be, that he wanted to get adopted this much.

‘ I’m not here with my parents’ I said in a very sad voice.

‘Oh’ he said dropping my hands, ‘Are you also an orphan?’

I nodded positive. Then he smiled. I notice the smile didn’t get to his eyes. It was like he was forced to smile and I felt sorry for him.
‘Welcome to THU then’

‘ I haven’t gotten in yet. I don’t know if i’ll be accepted’

‘ Don’t worry, madam Tesy accepts everybody. She said we will always have space for more even though it’s a lie.’

I smiled weakly not knowing what to  sayto that.

‘Benji, see I caught a butterfly.’ a boy of about his age called him from across the field.

‘Bye, see you around’ he said running off before I could reply. I smiled at his running figure.

This place might not be bad as I thought. At least I’ve got a friend, even without been accepted. I prayed goodness Madam Tessy accepts me. And true to his words, she did!

Hi. My name is Morenikeji, and this is my story.


…to be continued

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