Hello everyone, welcome to this space! May this week be fruitful to us all.

I’ve got a little something about Patience to share with you.

Patience is one’s ability to wait uncompromisingly for something desirable or to endure a painstakingly slow situation without being irritated.

In simple words, to be patient is to wait while working.

Many of us take time to stalk the success of someone known to us rather than spending the energy on creating something better for yourself. Not everyone after a week gets to tell their success story. Just cause you’ve spent a month working and yet no result doesn’t mean you should give up… It is not of him that starts but of him that ends gracefully.

Execute your plans and stay on them, it will birth success.

Okay, now don’t go on working and showing off to the world how patient you can be but deep down in your heart you’re being pathetic. If your work is genuinely served on a plate of consistent hardwork coupled with chilled patience (yummy), you get success.

There is a difference between being patient while working and having a nonchalant attitude towards work. 

As earlier written, to be patient is to wait while working. A patient man will never wait while ignoring the working part. He keeps on working while awaiting success. While a nonchalant or a non patient person will work and stop believing his little work will yield success, and when it doesn’t he blames the world.

Don’t get me wrong, some people put in little effort with little work and still yield bountifully. Yet not everyone can have such luck or favor, even identical twins don’t have such luck.

Don’t Lazy around waiting for success you haven’t worked effectively for rather wit when you’ve worked and are still working.

In my local parlance, this can be explained as ‘Apekiotojeun Kokinjeibaje’. Apologies to my non speaking Yoruba people, it literally means ‘wait for your time’.

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