We ride on our love

We ride on our love

I wish I could tell thee of how great thy ink is

Of how it has covertly written love on the pages of my heart

Darling do you know, you give me love and affection?

An affection that has kept me bonded to you

The shackles of your love I don’t want to be free from

Just as you have smeared me with thy ink of love, let me bathe you with the kisses of my love

Come let’s walk the earth, with our affection just for fuel

I don’t believe in times and dimensions, but with your care I’d believe anything

Just like the mystic finger which wrote on the wall, Our love will surpass the love of ages to come and time past

Come darling, this is our fate….lets write it together

We ride on our love or die trying!


…. If only these could last forever, dear ex lover. 

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