Poem: Heart Of Unreached Love

Poem: Heart Of Unreached Love

The rare kiss I plant on your forehead
The feeling so fulfilling
Hoping we were on the lead
Little did I know I was falling

Only if we had foresight
Of what the future holds
I wouldn’t have held you right
Or loved you loads

All the while, Was it worth it?
Often, I ask fate, why?
But then, I wasn’t right
Maybe my faith in fate whirl

The wheels moved without hiccups
Bursting the crooked road
Didn’t realize empty was the cup
And sham was what we rode

She queried my intents
Shocked I really was
Merely playing my arts
Won’t she pitch it somewhere – her tent?

Her looks never gave assurance
All I decoded was bad stew
I’ll move swiftly, not in trance
But to the path that’s new

Tuface was me in that gig
With the Amaka experience
Even as the kokomaster’s prodigy
I still got dissapointed – far lens

Promises cut short
I believed without a blink
Just like a ball shot
My heart is pierced and bleak

Written and Composed By Oyewole Michael

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