That Night…

That Night...

Wane and tired
Long thought with rough edges
Physically drained
Weakened and damaged bridges

Longing for your Midas touch
Hoping to find solace in your arms
Pray tell, ouch
Ignored like one without arms

Deep inside I wanted to
Hold you so tight
Forget all my fear too
I yearn for this, right

You locked me out
Deep inside I cringed
I am no lout
Yet, my feelings docked

Tired to make you realize
You are all I needed
Else, I’ll freeze
But then, you rebuffed

That night…
You opharned my emotions
I felt hurt
By your position

That night…
Right beside me
But you were far away, right?
Melted my heart like a cream

All I needed was your peace
The warmth of your soul
Instead, you broke me into piece
Neglecting to play your role

Baby girl, kiss away my tears
Be my strength right now
That night, whereas
You were never with me. Wow!

Written and Composed By Oyewole Michael

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