I Have Fallen in Love With My Dark Skin


As a sensitive youngster trying to navigate society, I have always been embattled by its demands from me. I tried to live up to its expectations while causing damage to my body and soul so I could be rewarded with validation from the same society that seems to take from me. It’s saddening,I know,but like so many others,I became stuck in a vicious cycle of manipulation where the more society ignored me, the more I craved it’s attention. Unbeknownst to a lucky me, I was on a journey for my answer at the end of the tunnel. I have reached the tunnel’s end and I have found liberation. I’ve found the remedy to my ailment,the balm to my soul and the calm to my mornings. I have fallen in love with my Dark skin.

I don’t know when or how this happened to me. I do not know if this change is sudden or gradual. All I know is that I am now awestruck by the face that stares back at me in the mirror. I become entranced when I notice the sun gleaming with glee as it caresses my skin which in turn beams it at others in the right places. I’m obsessed with the way my skin glows against any background like an artwork of oil on canvas.

I am intrigued with the way my skin glorifies whatever colour that touches it; automically transforming the seemingly ordinary into something magnificent just like magic. Magic. My skin is Magic. Every mark, crease and corner is soaked full of wonders and delightfully hidden treasures. Treasures that make me chuckle in awe anytime I make their discovery. Treasures that suprise me and pacify me. Wonders that console me and validate me.

I now notice how my skin commands obedience and nothing less with the grace reminiscent of Nefertiti. A canvas so divine that it disallows to be tainted with just any colour. A canvas that demands the right tone,hue and shade. One that demands the right amount in the right proportion under the right conditions to produce nothing less than the best results. One that refuses to emit anything other than the ultimate exhibit.

I now notice how my skin is best at its natural form. One that is free of any form of artificial decoration while it’s soaked in natural oils and drenched in melanin. Every part working together to pay homage to the deity that is Beauty. From the crooked eyebrows to the pimple spots dotted across to the rightly proportioned nose to the full juicy lips topped with a beamin Opọn Ori(forehead) that puts the sun to shame. The lean arm and long legs sitting majestically on a rotund shapely torso; one passed only through my black ancestry. All crowned with a mane of glorious wooly hair. A crown so specific for me in its colour and shape that it can’t fit anyone else.

A body worthy of admiration and adoration. A beauty akin to Mother Earth itself. Apon bepo rẹ, Eleyinju Ẹgẹ. A dazzling skin colour that would make the palmoil jealous capped by eyes that sparkle. A totally divine combination. A beautiful gift that keeps on giving. My favourite gift from God.

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