Behind the closed door of her Life

Behind the closed door of her Life



She is that other child from the other women you dated after your first wife died, the woman you gave three children, from her siblings she is the only child left from your other woman. She lost them all, a mother, a brother and a new born sister, she is the only one GOD didn’t allow to take and he decided to leave her with you.

you know she doesn’t have a pleasant upbringing ,she don’t even have memories of her childhood days ,you always said do you remember that girl and she be like no, you end up saying how so when she was your friend when you were young. The only people she remember are those who always became their safe place when you decided to become a beast and hit your beautiful queen. Those are the people she won’t forget because they became their escape goat when you have weaken up your demons by alcohol .she miss the beautiful family she once had in life, she miss those memories of you when you used to hold them high up, her and her brother .

but you know what she used to blame herself every single day that passed by ,the death of her mother she believed that she didn’t do anything by stopping you from hitting her like she wasn’t a human being like she was a dog an object that you tossed around ,you called her names you cursed her a lot. You know she still blamed herself that she was too young to help her when all she did was to take care of your family. She gave you a beautiful family that woman she gave you everything .she gave her all in your relationship of vat n sat she wasn’t married but she loved you like she toke your surname which she didn’t .you know your daughter still remember the day you hit her and she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to help her after she putted her brother in their room and locked it like they always did.

just to help her and you pushed her so hard that she started bleeding she remember her saying leave my child alone and hit me not her. You know she didn’t have a pleasant childhood, what can be pleasant by hiding with your mom and siblings next door on Fridays nights because they knew that you going to come back drunk and then her mother, the mother of your children would be your punching bag. She was told to press charges against you and what she told them is that she loves you she can’t even allow her children to grow up without a father. You know what she was told ?she was told that they will do everything to help them financially with everything they needed if only she laid charges against you or if she doesn’t do that she will come out in that house in a coffin and you know what she is dead.

you hit her to the point she got a stroke and she loved you even in her sickness and things got worse when you were told by the doctors that the was nothing they can do anymore all you have to do is to prepare for the funeral and yes mom died, and your daughter didn’t even have tears to share all she was told was that she was in a better place now she Is watching over her that she will be her angel. You know what after her death something in her heart shifted she started hating you more and blamed God worse by not protecting her mother from you. The thought of her, her bruises, her screams makes her hate you even more. The thought of her gives me tears every single day that passes by, you killed her mother that what she will always stick to. This is behind closed doors of her life!!!!

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