I was somewhat mesmerized,
when the beautiful face of lust
laid its cold and bare hands on me.
Could I possibly be sleepwalking?
Have I totally lost my dignity?

It was barely a week when I made ,          a vow never to give in to lust again,      but here I am, at the mercy of lust!

If only she were a Chinese delicacy,
then I would have shove her aside.
If only she were a fine linen,
then I would have hung her on the wall of my rickety hut.

Oh! How I wish she were a ghost,
then I would take her picture off my mind, and probably assume I have been hallucinating anyway!
If only my conscience would give me a breathing space, and allowed me to explain myself, then I would tell it out, I would scream at the top of my voice

I would tell it to the whole world, how hard i have tried to break loose from the pretty ugly alike face of lust!
No doubt, I know I am gradually trying to lose the friendship I have with my conscience, but what on earth can I do? Whom would I tell my plight? Who is willing to help me, without bringing in segregation into our midst?

All I want to do, is close my eyes and assume I have been dreaming all the way, but I can’t possibly cheat nature, ’cause I don’t know what I was searching for in the laps of Delilah, that led me into having a carnal knowledge of what her nakedness looks like.

Oh! How I wished I had said no to her, but her curvy structure together with the two round tempter at her chest, were just looking at me in the eyes while i was sweating profusely!

The curvy structure standing in my front is giving me a knowing look that she knows I wanted to do this, but who was I anyway, to say I no longer eat my favourite dish? Or have I suddenly turned into a Joseph overnight?

If this would cause a separation between my creator and me, then I am ready to be the Judas Iscariot of my generation.
I know that all is vanity, and that the lake of fire is warming up for my arrival, but you are pretty sure that I am ready to play the devil’s advocate this time!


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