Diary of an unwanted teacher- Covid’19

Diary of an unwanted teacher- Covid'19


The first thing on my mind when I first gained recognition in 2019 was far from regrets. I was glad I had finally found a species that would take my name throughout the earth. This type of species called humans wasn’t slow to give me a name which I now bear with pride because I have been anonymous since forever.

Just as I always do in any territory, I began to spread fast and was careful not to regard any race. Although I started with those residents in China, I became a worldwide commodity because these humans just never stop travelling and associating. The truth is, they didn’t know they were giving me more power with their excessive caring and loving but when they knew, it all began to change.

These human species have governments that initiated a mechanism to stop my spread. I would see them wear face masks which eventually became designer masks to curb my movements. Some would even walk together at a measured distance just because their boss told them to. I was just watching from those I was inhibiting with uncontrollable laughter because I had my strategies.

As I was Innocently spreading myself throughout the world, my movement hindered this species from going on with their normal life and they had to finally go on total lockdown. In my mind, I knew they couldn’t survive without relating. I mean, how will they work and make money? How will the doctors attend to their patients? I concluded strongly that it was a wrong move.

Unfortunately for me, a man named technology was their fight mode against me. This man made it easy for them to transact even without physical contact. The patients I feared would have no care was being consulted virtually. I also thought that they would surely have to go to work to function but this technology guy killed my thought with different software and gadgets.

Yet, when I pondered on all that transpired during this period, I wasn’t mad at technology after all. In fact, it was my existence that made him more useful. If I hadn’t shown up these humans wouldn’t have appreciated the technology they always had. I was more than convinced that I taught them a lot and made them see technology in a whole new light. Even though the technology was slowly being a trend, it was still having a resistance that would have lingered for years if I didn’t come to highlight the need for it.

So, as a teacher that I just discovered I am, I would spread into another species quickly before I am terminated completely from this race. But before then, I will just relax with the humans for a while especially those not following the precautions that would obstruct my spread. I bet only humans can understand this language in my diary so I will let them take the necessary action to come to me with their hugging and shaking. I’m waiting!



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