He Loves his Cousin

He Loves his Cousin



The first time he told you he cheated, it felt like a slap. It hurt to look at his face and still feel your heart palpitate. So, when he begged and cried and showed remorse, your heart could not bear to refuse. Still, you remembered her name, the name of the one he broke your heart with and whenever you heard that song by Adekunle Gold with her name all over it, you cried and hated her all the more. 

Now, you’re single again and you remember the second time he told you he cheated. His confession of one carried a load of all the other times that he had stalled and not said a word. This time, you didn’t let yourself look at him. You didn’t want to feel like this was deja vu because it felt like a slap again, only harder, like the slap of a knife. Why? Because it wasn’t the name you were expecting that you heard. This time, it was the name of his cousin, the one who used to hold your hand and tell you to, “take care of him.”

He had been sleeping with his cousin since he was thirteen. As he said this, you could imagine his “brotherlyness” into the “cousinlyness”. Now, you could never see brothers or sisters playing with one another and feel at ease. There was now a sexual suspicion in you for everything family. Gone, forever from your mind, was that world where a woman just had to be “the one” and hope her man would be “man” enough not to look outside. These contemporary times seem to call for a war room where you spiritually battled the sisters, the cousins and any other being coming in the shade of relative. 

You remember how it wasn’t even a week before his friends were already calling another girl his girlfriend. The same one whose name you had come to hate. It really hurt but you felt for her too. One day, she might be his wife; the mother of his children; the love of his life and feel like the “only girl in the world” in his eyes. Yet, a moment is all it will take, for her to see him and his cousin romping it in front of the sink, or in the store or maybe even the bed she used to think was her own. Then, it will start all over again, that sudden disillusionment from the belief that infidelity can never hit you from home. On that day, she’ll finally feel what you felt and understand that karma really likes to play fair. Cause she thought she had snatched your man but she only snatched a cousin whore whose cousin is actually a guy.


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