The young lady rattled the bars, “no be me steal am na! Oga Police!” She yelled. Someone hissed loudly,”na who come steal am na? Abeg sit down, no dey make noise.”

The cell stinked of sweat and debris. They were about twenty of them. The ladies who were part of the upper echelon had the beddings to themselves and the rest found solace on the ground.  She sat on the cold floor, reminiscing the face of Dr. Tunde Akinyele. She drew her legs towards her and wrapped her hands around them as though she was shielding herself from the pain she was going through.

She remembered how stiff his hands were. it was as cold as ice, devoid of life. His eyes and mouth were wide open. Her hands had quivered and her legs became numb. Her stomach reacted and a mixture of saliva and edible particles stained the tiled floor.  It was her first time seeing a dead body. She paced to and fro the room muttering, “egbami oo!”  What trouble have I gotten myself into? A tear slid down her cheek.

How would she explain what happened? What would she tell them was her reason for visiting Dr. Tunde in his hotel room? Her heart pounded loudly, so much that she sat down on the floor, taking slow breaths.

She had spent her time giving him maximum satisfaction, enough to give her an A whenever he would  think about her. I shouldn’t have done it. But what was I to do, he was going to fail me! She wailed internally.

There was no forensic expert to collect evidence or check the room for prints like it was on CSI. The first police man who had arrived the scene,had gazed intently at her. How could a girl with such a petite figure kill that old man? Wetin she wan use am do sef? He pondered.

She felt like she was thrown into a dark world and the ground she walked on was hot, as if burning coals had been laid on her path. There was no saviour to see her through the danger she planted with her own hands. She hadn’t thought of the grave danger she could fall into when she embarked on this journey. She thought she would eat her cheese and dart away Immediately like a rat but a trap had caught her and she was ensnared.

A police man walked into the cell, he held a bottle of Bigi Apple in his head, and his phone in his other hand. “Justice for Dr. Tunde Don dey trend for Twitter oo,” he said, glancing at Shola.

She sighed. It confirmed her fears, her parents would have seen it. She wondered what they would be facing because of her. The thought of it broke her.

Shola’s mother ran into the compound and padlocked the gates. Her friend, iya tao had told her about the youths’ plan to invade her home. Her family had to be safe.



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