Covid-19 is an infectious disease that has affected the health of many different people in the globe. Health is the physical and mental wellbeing of a person. 

         Everyone wishes their health to be in a good condition but do they take any action for that? So is it fair for us to categorize Covid-19 as an enemy of the society or as a friend for it has taught us many things? It has surely taught on how to maintain cleanliness which we were always taught to but never implemented untill this disaster came up. In short it has taught us to value our health and life and the life of our closed ones. Taking an example of junk food, we were always told to reduce eating junk food because of its health effects instead we seemed to close our ears but Covid-19 hit us so hard that we stopped everything that had an impact on our health. Guess Covid-19 turned out to be a strict teacher.

           Our health is the most important aspect of our life be it mental or physical health sadly most of us neglect this fact.  The rate of people dying from suicide, depression,  and Covid-19 might not be the same but it was definitely killed many of our friends and relatives.  That is why we are urged to protect our health and maintain cleanliness since most of the health risks are associated with cleanliness. 

          This virus affects people of all kinds, all age group but the immunity of a person also counts. It is more likely to go deeper than any other viruses like common cold. The lungs might be inflamed,  making it tough for us to breathe and this is one of the sign of Covid-19. Severe infection can lead to pneumonia as the lung tissue fills with fluid and pus, reducing the air sacs ability to transfer oxygen into the blood. Often people with low immunity are unable to fight it and die. During this period, many of us faced the death of our relatives, and friends but some also survived so let’s be thankful for that and keep our health as the first priority by doing regular exercise,  eating a well balanced diet,  maintaining cleanliness and ofcourse washing our hands regularly.  I feel like we should keep in our mind that every person is potentially infectious, by doing so we can be able to protect ourselves at any cost. 

      Our doctors, nurses and all the other medical personnel have done a great job by taking care of the patients without giving it a second thought, without caring to go back at home to their families , without considering to take a leave and some died along the way. The hospitals are full of patients and all the medical personnel are trying their best to save their lives but yeah they take full precautions since it is a communicable disease meaning that it can be transmitted to other people through sneezing,  coughing.

       It has created a terror in our mind to the extent that we were scared to even shake hands with our relatives 🤣🤣🤣 or even having a two minute conversation with them and kept ourselves in a quarantine period. It wasn’t a fun phase but definitely a learning phase. I’m sure by now many of us must’ve kept a simple set of effective practices to protect ourselves from infections and any other diseases. The thought of dying brings everyone back to track 🤣🤣. For those who have survived this tragic phase should consider it a blessing, not take it for granted  and take this opportunity to protect and maintain their health for health is the biggest wealth of a person, and for those who failed to survive this phase ,we should pray for them for their soul to rest in peace. All in all we should unite together to fight this virus and survive altogether. 


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