Chaos virus Covid-19

Chaos virus Covid-19

I never imagined that one day the entire world would be in total lockdown, I could say we are all grounded. Being an introvert didn’t make it easier, everyone was at home for instance, and I thought we are having a family gathering. The virus started in China; I was really surprised when it hit my continent (Africa). I knew now it was really here, wow! The virus travelled to all continents, and I never travelled to a foreign country, super jealous. Life isn’t easy everything that was normal isn’t normal anymore. Buying street foods I have to make a sign of the cross and take my chances eating it. Watching on the news how the cases go up, keeping count as if I was the ministry of health. My friends now buying sanitizers for the first time. Fashion gurus going to the local tailor, having a mask made to match their outfits, I wore a scarf on my nose, before going to buy masks.

Life got hard jobs were closed schools, almost everything was closed. I prayed for the women and men selling vegetables by the road, it would have been unfair shutting down their source of income. Then the curfew to help stop the spreading, I think this helps families to bond for the first time. The corona virus was no joke. Myths kept spreading; it only affected Caucasian and Asian people. People walking around like a superhero. Others thought by taking alcohol they would be immune, ha! Probably get liver sclerosis. Another myth taking ginger and lemon will make you not catch it; it may help make your immune stronger but definitely not a cure.

Being a day dreamer how I wished I found my soul mate, Mexican soap operas making me very romantic, call me Shakespeare of romance. I had meet someone planned a cooking session, I knew how to eat but not cook. Again due to the pandemic I needed to think with my head but not my stomach and my heart. I stayed at home meditating, writing my poems watching new shows on the television, I guess I was living a modern housewife life, but with no kids plus no prince charming. I Gained a few kilos well there goes my chance to hit the run way of Milan, it’s so unfair getting three date requests, but turning them down because of the pandemic. Better being safe.

I saved yoga videos, exercise videos never started them. Soon I will even though I said that ten months ago. I can be a good motivational speaker right? I was depressed more than once frustrated about the pandemic. Sneezing around everyone thinks you have corona, just an allergic reaction to a strong perfume.

I hope soon our lived go back to normal; the virus can catch anyone poor or rich, young or old. Many lives have been lost. Breath in and out it will be fine soon have faith. Nothing is permanent.

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