My first experience

My first experience

It was my first year, on a Sunday ⛪ morning, shortly after the service.
Three young ladies 👧👧
👧 dressed in off shoulder polka-dot tops and same circle skirts were walking down towards me,talking and laughing,
Then i noticed……..her walk. 🚶
The distinctive style of her hair.
Her killer smile ☺
Suddenly my heart felt like it was pushing into my throat. 😵
Next thing, it was arrhythmia. 😱
She didn’t even noticed me.😞
I wanted to say hello but my voice wouldn’t cooperate.😖
I wanted to ask if she was Pleural Effusion because I couldn’t breathe.😷
what happened next was like lightning striking in the middle of an Illinois thunderstorm. ⚡⚡
She looked straight in my eyes.😄
Her eye lit up with a sparkle that made me feel like fainting,hugging her,and shouting at the same time!😊
But that would be so stupid of me,
I was careful not to ruin the first impression.😎
I felt like the most important person in the world.😇 Some people call it romances.😍
I don’t know for sure what to call it. But I do know this;it doesn’t happen by default.Our spirit made contact. She had her internal”sender switch”turned to “on”, and i had my internal “receiving switch” turned to “on”.It was pure risk!!!!!!!!!!!! @Saxy_Steve

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