No Shades, Just Rage. Ep 1

No Shades, Just Rage. Ep 1

 “My son do not forget the child of whom you are,
Do not forget the type of home you were raised,
Be of good character and have the fear of God”
Those were the words of your father
“Oko mi, never let the riches of the world entice you,
Never be deceived by the ways of the world,
Be content with whatever your father and I give you,
What is not enough today, will surely be surplus tomorrow”
Those were the words of your mother
These exact words were not New to you
You could recite them like memorized verses
You try to live by them
Day by day, trying to keep to them
But suddenly, you think you could be better
You wanted more, more out of life
You saw the grass greener at the other side
Little did you know it was just filter that made it looked that way
You couldn’t wait any longer, for the set appointed time
Skrrr, you started something you called “hustle”
The words of your father you threw in the dust bin
That of your mother, dusted off
You started looking for so called Clients
You found really, but they were not paying much
Gradually, there is no cleric’s house you don’t know
No pastor’s house you’ve not been to
No Cele church you don’t know
Infact, Babas places became your favourite
Skrrr, you sold your soul to the devil
But it’s been years, there’s really nothing to show for it
Nothing out of the ordinary
All of that just to live a normal life?
Too much for selling your soul to the devil
Ordinary evil spirit (Honda) you couldn’t afford
Not even what Kunle Afod could afford
Life isn’t Eazi for you 2face
Not even a lighter to your skunk
A designer’s collection to your shoes
Yes, you have Gucci, but we all know it’s fake
All of that just to live a normal life?
No shades really, just rage
I just wish you could have more to show for it
Maybe after all, it will be worth it
Maybe after all, it isn’t so bad
Maybe after all, father was wrong
Maybe after all, mother is just old school
Maybe after all, you could prove them wrong
No shades really, Just rage ©Saxy_Steve

Episode one of “No shades really, just rage”

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