Do We Need More Days?

Do We Need More Days?



By Seyi Babs. 


Today makes it thirty days when the majority of Nigeria’s citizens have observed everyday as a Saturday.


Exactly thirty days ago, the President of Nigeria in his brief- speech manner announced the enforcement of a total lockdown in major cities in the country. This was done in a bid to reduce the increasing figures as at that period. Very palpable is the fact that after the enforcement, the cases more than tripled.


While there are many questions left unanswered, I have decided to answer the question you never asked me; DO WE NEED MORE DAYS?

Before I proceed to blow your mind (I don’t know if you’re fully kitted), let me talk a little about the habits that this period has helped myself and some others form.


Widely acknowledged is the fact that it takes twenty-one days to make an habit. Guys, it’s been thirty days, some habits have been made consciously, unconsciously, or subconsciously. During my five minute of daily reflection today, I have come up with a list of good, bad and ugly habits that came with the package of lockdown. I have relayed the ones I find most important, within the lines below:


1.) THE GOOD: I never knew reading was this fun. Was it a lack of time, or it was just a lack of interest? Whatever it was, this period has changed the narratives. I had a nice time reading on Self-awareness. I enjoyed “Don’t be a Wife to a Boyfriend.”


In total, thirty days haven’t gone down alone, seven books went down as well. Yes, I made head counts for the articles I read too. Reading 70 articles didn’t seem much of a work, I have come to realize. What of the online courses that the lockdown made free or close-to-free? I took advantage of all these and more. I just cannot stay a day without these.


2.) THE BAD: This one happened on a subconscious basis. My days have had a particular pattern of waking up, and moving to the work for the day, no time to waste. The next day comes and the same pattern plays out. It’s either it’s a deadline to meet, or a meeting that’s in line. It’s either it’s an article to write, or a book to read. It’s either a review to take, or an online class to attend.


And by the time the clock chimes, it’s dinner time. Local man hasn’t even had his bathe. This saw me maintain a strict evening-to-evening bathing itinerary. It’s bad I know, ama change.


3.) THE UGLY: This isn’t really bad. Who else has noticed that the rate of data consumption has increased? If you haven’t, I sure have. But that’s not an habit, yh? The habit is that I have now officially began to consume the data I would normally consume in thirty days, in five days. I tried to check if my phone was leaking but I just didn’t find a leaking point.


I have now officially subscribed six times in thirty days, a terrific increase in my rate of data usage. Don’t I deserve an accolade?


That said, I have missed the regular hits on the gym. I have missed the early morning workouts. I have missed the faces of the sisters in the choir. I have missed the Strong voice of the Pastor on a Sunday morning.


I have missed the late nights out. I have missed the Preacher in the market. I have missed Mama that always gives me extra anytime I purchase her goods. I have missed playing football with the friends in the hood.


But the thing I have missed also is the constant credit alerts.This period has affected a lot of pockets and the economy is not smiling at all. Everything now costs an arm and a leg.


However, do we need more days? For me, I need more of such days, once a while, but the stretch of this particular one is becoming too much. What are your thoughts? The comment section is for you. 


Cheers to my first post.

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