My Love for Nairobi.

My Love for Nairobi.


Prior to now, when the name NAIROBI is being mentioned, one would totally assume that the speaker is talking about the “Green City in the Sun,” which happens to be the beautiful capital city of Kenya with historical museums, rich cultural heritage and the city that hold within its confines the famous Nairobi National Park. 

One wouldn’t fail to recall that this famous park houses the endangered black Rhino. Although one of the most expensive cities to live in, Nairobi never falls short of visitors making tourism a major contributor to the Kenya’s economy. Far deeper than this general feature that the entity “Nairobi” holds to herself, there’s another perception of this name.

The name “Nairobi” happens to be one of the fictional characters in the series “Money Heist.” From Professor to Berlin, from the jiggy Tokyo to her lover Rio, from the always-laughing Denver to his father Moscow, from Raquel to the Serbians, all the characters had their good and bad times. Professor was the man behind the heist.

Berlin was the one in charge during the first heist. Denver was Moscow’s son. Rio was Tokyo’s lover. Arturo Roman was the self-acclaimed savior. Stockholms was the one who fell in love in a haste, during the heist. Raquel was the Inspector turned Professor’s lover. Nairobi was the one who happened to assume the post of Bank Manager during the heist, amidst many other characters.

Much more than the beauty she protrudes, there’s a whole lot to learn from Nairobi. A good number of Dali Masks’ lover would be rooting for their girl Nairobi all the way. One of the many things I pick from all her acts, is the ability to show up when the team was down. 

She was this strong and courageous lady who could put her life on the line just to save a stranger she just met. De facto, because of her unique character, anyone would want to see her happy. Little wonder the professor accepted her request for a vitro fertilization when she asked. Unfortunately, this would never happen as she met her untimely death. It should be recalled that in season three, she almost lost her life when she was hit hard after being deceived by Inspector Alicia to take a sneak peek to see her son.

When the team was hit with, and their Gold forgery mistress down, and Raquel death’s faked, Nairobi stood up to the task. She didn’t only stand up from the wheelchair she was placed on, she asked for a gun and assumed the duties of the Professor who was at this time morning the faked death of his lover. Tributes to our dear Nairobi for one day, we’d gather and sing. Share with a Dali Mask fan. Who was your best character and why? 

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  1. She was indeed amazing and my best character. She was the voice of reason. She had a way of keeping the team together. A great follower who is ever ready to take up the mantle of leadership when necessary.

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