The Eagle with it’s monstrous, noxious and evil claws
Those claws like the mouth of Rake, takes away the dream,
The future of the mother Hen
The Eagle with it’s detrimental beak, that looks like a dagger
Kills the innocent and primitive dreams of the mother Hen.
As a mother,the Hen stood up for her hope has been thwarted
She wails,laments, howls and groans
But she has not been given the power to win over the dexterious creature
Due to the arms and ammunition Eagle has been endowed with.
But the four legged master is here, who can destroy the Eagle with it’s power
Wicked master also brutalised, and caged the wailing mother.
The master, saddled with the responsibility of protecting the oppressed,
The master,the higher animal, is now the one brutalizing the already oppressed Hen.

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