A Child of AFRICA

Nubian Warriors Poster by Aaron Blaise-e4882b45
What does it mean, to be an African child? Beyond this black, thick and beautiful skin, what does it take to be accepted as an equal race? 

How loud do we scream, that the silence of our pain be broken and heard aloud. How hard do we fight, to breakthrough the limitations Society has set before us. 

What mountain do we have to conquer, for us to be truly seen. What depths of valley do we have to crawl out from, for the world to realise we cannot be buried. 

What level gravity do we defy, for nations to realise we cannot be pulled down. What ocean of chaos and stigmatization do we sail through, for the continents to accept that we cannot ever drown.

We are Africans! We are Bold! We are Fearless! We are the sons and daughters of warriors with unbreakable Spirit. We are Strong! We are the sunshine at noon, the moonlight by night. We may be black but we are the light in a world that is dark.


What does it mean to be an African child?

It means we are proud of who we are, it means we are confident and need no ones approval. It means we know we are not inferior, it means we are a continent filled with life, it means we are humans too.


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