My First Time

My First Time


By Muib Shefiu

I heard my heartbeat reverberated in my ear. A vibration that moved to and fro from my heart to the anus. I rested on the seat pillow cushion unable to find an answer to the situation. “Am I the only one here!” thank God, the noise burst in my head not my lips.

Of course, I was not the only one. I kindly jerked my head to a couple at the other side of the aisle who were busy smiling at each other. They have no sign of fear nor phobia. Two young girls at the rear of the couple had lost themselves to music emanated from the headsets tightened to their ears. It was as if they were used to this but “I am not, I am not and I don’t think I can” I mumbled.

The coarse voice from a device attached to the roof made me sick of this crazy house. A crazy house that seemed normal to people or ” am I the one going crazy?”

My eyes traced back a man that attached nails to his buttock as he moved swiftly to hundreds of people who were calmly waiting for the magic to happen. The sorcery that might make me puke at any moment.

The man with the nails, not nail per se but he had refused to sit down when other people had sat. He mumbled something that made people adjusted their seats.

“Is this your first time?” A tiny voice that I had failed to capture her face initially pierced my hearing. How could I forget such a dazzling face? Perhaps because of her height?

“What!” I replied to the stranger seatmate
She pointed to my knuckle, I couldn’t help but revealed the truth when I saw my knuckle trembling furiously like a man battling with acute paralysis.

“Yes”, I replied.
“Can you close your eyes and follow my counting” she retorted.
I had no choice than to follow the command of a stranger that I was twice of her age and size.
I barely felt the taxiing on the tarmac as I listened to count down that started from ten. She held my hand tightly when she reached “02” and I felt a sharp and strange sensation.

“01, 0, open your eyes”, she said.
I was shocked to have seen myself in the space. Wao! The plane had taken off when I was listening to the counting.

Indeed I have learnt that the world works not by age and size but with knowledge and experience. “Thank you”, I kindly shook the hand of a stranger turned pal and we discussed desultorily throughout the journey.


Muib Shefiu is a professional English language pedagogue, a Journalist, a story teller and a freelance writer . His works have featured in highly reputable Newspapers such as The,,,, and he is currently a guest writer at applied

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