Life, you gave me shape
You gave me soul
You teach me the world
You teach me to live

Life, you mould me
Without you feel like formless one
Life, you carve me
Without you feel like shattered

Life, you are like a rose
Sometimes you look beautiful
Sometimes you spread all around sweet odour
Your sweet aroma gives a pleasant feeling

Life, you are like thorny shrubs
Sometimes you look grisly
You spread all around sharp thorns
Your sharp thorns make to shed tears from my eyes

Life, you gave some sweet moments
I like to pick it and keep it in a casket
Sometimes you gave tears
I pick them in my hands

Life, you gave me wings
I fly all over the world
I fly in search of joy
But didn’t find anywhere

Life, you gave me leaves
I hide inside it
Hide for run away from sorrows
But didn’t help me to escape

Why you give painful feelings sometimes?
I like to cheer
I like to laugh
You like to give drops of tears

Your thorns give injuries in me
Injuries which will never heel
Your thorns stuck in my heart
Life! Why you are so sometimes?

Life, make me laugh
Make me happy
Make me forget unwanted memories
Make me closer to you

Life, you teach me to hide my tears
You teach me to smile with a crying heart
You teach me to enjoy the bitter taste of tears
But I like to enjoy the nectar of happy moments

Life, take me with you to the world of happiness
Take me with you to the world of peace
And keep me out from the tearful world
Keep me out of this painful journey

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