Commentary on Paradox of little fires.

Commentary on Paradox of little fires.


I just finished reading the much anticipated “Paradox of little fires” by Jide Badmus and I’m still salivating.

I would love to say: it’s being a jolly ride on each line of every poem. They have been insightful and emotionally intriguing.

I thought about writing a poetry review on the book, but I felt literarily incompetent to undertake such task.

To be honest, I consider Jide Badmus a senior as a contemporary classical poet whose work greatly surpasses my ability to criticize. As it is important that; I have to provide a highly profound personal interpretation of the poems, describe the symbolic meaning of the words, phrases, arrangements of stanzas and the images presented in words. So, I won’t say this is a review.

Paradox of little fires is the third (3rd) personal anthology of Jide Badmus. His Facebook timeline reveals him as an astute, romantically and philosophically proficient poet. Whose work and lyrical style essentially communicates in-depth ideas in a literal and metaphorical sense. The most interesting part is, his poems are always hilariously provocative and erotically enjoyable.

Being a very objective writer, reading an African anthology like “Paradox of little fires” is enlightening. It deeply ignites passion for poetry with a great taste for excellent lyrical compositions.

There are many anthologies these days and it’s rare to find one devoid of incomprehensible ideas and images. However, Paradox of little fires cuts through and through the rigor of being undecipherable.

My favorite poems in the book are; Punctuations, Pentecost, Stranger in my bed, Paradox, Magun and Bouquet.

My impressions about this book from the first part has been about the intelligibility of the author’s mind on how he constructed intricate webs of subliminal lines to wedge ideas.

Check the section for the link to download your own copy. I bet you would find it interesting and gracious. Page after page, there’s a meaning to spark your affection.

Paradox of little fires got the drill.
©Simeon Elvis Dumle

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