Helping others with depression.

Helping others with depression.

Helping others with depression

It is really disturbing when you have a friend or relative suffering from depressing circumstances and you’ve just had a major breakthrough that calls for celebration, but you can’t celebrate because of them.

There was this course in school we dreaded so much then. The first result we saw after the first semester was devastating. In the second semester, we were having it again.

Once more, we were scared of what the outcome might be. The Head of Department at the time, decided to change the lecturer. This time it was a more rigid and highly principled Principal lecturer that was to take us.

So, we protested the change of the lecturer because we thought it would aggravate the issue. If someone that’s so nice, warm and benevolent took us and we still fumbled so badly like this. So, what’s the possibility of having a chance with a very disciplined man like that?

After the semester, there were debilitating results, mine was even enviable, though I was totally unsatisfied with the outcome. Since, it was our last semester I wanted to celebrate the victory, but I couldn’t celebrate because of a friend.

For my friend, it was tormenting and I couldn’t fold my cheeks to smile realizing my friend was in deep emotional pain and regrets. Though, he was a guru, but he has been struggling psychologically.

His personal life seemed so perfect and all, but then, his background didn’t elude him from the snares of depression. It is even, the basis for him being narcissistic or pessimistic most times.

It is not everyone from a well to do home that’s free from both emotional and economical struggles. I’ve been depressed too and I understood what it meant.

Also, the fact that people didn’t celebrate with you after a victory doesn’t mean: they hate you or wish to see you fall. It can be as a result of what they might be going through.

Our challenges can make us envious even to a detrimental extent. That’s why being cautious with how we react to negative circumstances is crucial.

For my friend, I discovered it was the reason for his attitude. I tried to help by encouraging him to consider the benefits of resitting. Still, I found it daunting to make my message more resounding and enlivening to him.

What I discovered then was: while some of us can strive to take action on our feelings to deal with the intricacies of depression; I’ve realized, it is even more difficult to help others out or make them seek out treatment.

A lot of people are willing to help their friends and loved ones heal, but they can’t. It’s not that they don’t try, the problem is they are usually unequipped for such task.

This is as a result of their inability to recognize there’s a huge difference between a bout of sadness when struggling with life and it’s vicissitudes and consistent psychological trauma.

Helping others get over the painful effects of depression requires that you educate and acquaint yourself with the warning signs, the different forms of depression and the methods to positively improve living patterns.

Another thing about depression is: it is usually expressed in different ways according to temperament and age. Temperament plays a major role in identifying the signs, but age tends make it more difficult.

Depression is not always as clear as it is depicted in the media. That is why it is important for you to keep a close eye on potential warning signs. It’s pivotal.

I was finally able to help my friend pull through after gaining adequate knowledge with much ado on helping people handle depressive situations.

Think it through today, why is your friend really unhappy?

©Simeon Elvis Dumle

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