I think, 2021 should be the year when we all get serious about making real progress.

It’s healthy to unwind and frolic on social media, but discussing every hash tag that pops up on your timeline is irrational.

This is because, it will inadvertently make you procrastinate the much needed actions that will help solve the crucial issues that affects your wellbeing.

It’s cool to catch fun. Catch cruise. But prioritize your activities well.

Discipline your emotions to tackle the constant shift of your passion.

For me, being a freelancer was a hard decision I had to make, because I was already an intern at African International News Magazine and Time News and it hasn’t been encouraging financially.

Though, I get pissed off to do business so easily because I don’t get the perks others seem to be getting, but I’ve realized that becoming a geek requires competence from my end.

Now, I know better.

People that get more rewards than I did/do worked hard and smarter and that has made them a lot better I am.

I’ve reevaluated myself and given it a hard push to:

° Develop content and strategy for Businesses.

° Develop startup proposals.

° Write content for ads and promos.

I promised not to bite, if you trust me.

That’s all I’ve got for myself.

I hope you would understand and think on how to recalibrate and bootstrap yourself, business, career, and ideas into a more fulfilling venture.

Do have a great day.

©Simeon Elvis Dumle

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