Specialize in teaching these subjects to earn a great income

Specialize in teaching these subjects to earn a great income

Specialize in teaching these subjects to earn a great income.  Teaching is about passion. Even at that, it takes rigorous efforts to master the art and techniques if you’re not naturally gifted in imparting knowledge.

Teaching is the most efficient and dramatic style of transferring knowledge, sensitizing, and innovating ideas. That’s why, specializing in specific subjects is crucial for great financial returns.

Over the years, people have downplayed the significance of teaching and the importance of those in the sphere. Nigeria has left it’s academic system dilapidated and degraded the development scheme for improving teaching capabilities. Which is why it is lagging far behind as a nation.

With the recent economic trends and technological advances, teaching in Nigeria may not be very attractive to delve in, but it can be very lucrative if you become a specialist in some critical subjects.

I have a couple of friends who teach just French and Music and I can say it boldly that they are doing quite well for themselves.

If you become a specialist in these subjects, I can assure you that you’re on the right path to achieving some of your financial goals for this year.

1. English/French
Language is a dynamic part of every culture and it plays a critical role in fostering social bond. And as such, it is a subject of prime importance that every student must seek to ace.

It represents a critical aspect of our academic life such that: if you’re sitting for WASSCE or NECO, you will most likely not be admitted.

So, it is that, without which no student can gain admission… 😄

English and French languages seems to be far more difficult to teach because of the application of principles to every fragment of sentence construction either in writing or vocally. Being a specialist here, is a big deal and you can earn real big if it is your field of study.

However, French teachers are more valued than their English counterparts in Nigeria because of the immense demand for persons with proficiency in foreign languages other than English.

2. Mathematics
This is one of the most sensitive subjects that cuts across all strata of the academic system after the English and French languages.

Math teachers are usually in high demand in schools and extra-moral classes. Knowing maths is not the ‘in thing’, but being able to competently and effortlessly transfer the knowledge is a gift that many parents and schools will scramble for.

3. Physics/Chemistry
These are core science subjects that taunts many science students, as it is with mathematics. Being a good physics and Chemistry teacher requires a lot of dedication to practical approach. The pay is usually huge if you’re a guru.

4. Economics/Accounting
Economics and account education is vital to the future health of any nation’s economy. It gives our students the building blocks for a successful financial future. It empowers students by giving them the knowledge and tools to improve their well being and as such teachers with great tutorial skill are always sought after.

5. Music
You may be wondering what music is doing on this list.

Let me tell you, entertainment is now a part of our culture and music services the greater part of it. A lot of young people love music and it’s now a trendy industry in which many wants to be a part of. Musical training helps to develop language and reasoning.
Many private schools and parents even, are in search of musical tutors to wean the budding talents of their wards.
©Simeon Elvis Dumle

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