What informs your choice of music?

What informs your choice of music?

What informs your choice of music?

While growing up, my Dad was a hard core fan of Elvis Presley, Nina Simone, Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Gee, Peter Tosh and the legendary Bob Marley.

What made his love ardent for the prolific Nigerian Juju master “King Sunny Ade” was the eccentric, rejuvenating and comical dancing steps that rhythmically followed the lead of his guitar.

He has set the musical pace for us in the home. I think the lessons and morals he points our hearts to in those songs he enjoyed was what affected his lifestyle socially, emotionally, career wise and even spiritually.

We all would agree that music has a very subtle effect on our minds and it can influence us on the deepest levels.

It’s ability to reach the heart with stirring symphonies, serenading and inspiring melodies makes it appealing, virtually to all human emotions: as it has the power to move one to ecstasy and bring one down to tears.

Over the years, the music industry in Nigeria has enjoyed the influence of technological innovations which has made it fast-paced and ultra competitive in the global music market.

As we know it, music is not a modern day invention, it is an important part of every society’s culture.  It sets the tone for different events and it amplifies the message of every common trend.

For me, I feel the dynamics of the changes experienced in the Nigerian music industry has been very revealing of the kind of vices our society is suffering from.

Oh! I forgot to add that my younger brother considers our Dad’s kind of music as boring and apologetic. He has a contrasting choice of music when compared to me.

Often times I’ve tried to make him see reasons why he had to start downplaying some of the common themes that promote inordinate modalities, stir angst and depravity and glamorizes salacious sensations.

But he often bluntly retort that: “music for him, should be about rhythm, vibes and trend. And of course the theme should not be obscure but that doesn’t mean preaching this and that should be too obvious.”

I clearly do not build my arguments without facts, most especially when dealing with a brilliant chap like my brother.
So, to make resounding my assertions there was need to pin point the issues that need to be nibbed in the bud.

Nowadays, the taste of music is a universe apart from what was obtainable in the Nineties. I do understand what informs our choice of music then should not necessarily be in tandem with recent trends. But also, I do believe that what informs our choice of music should be more than the sound, rhyme and artist.

I think what should be brought to the fore when choosing and appreciating a song should be the value of it’s contents, because music has the ability to create spiritual, emotional and mental harm.

Good music soothes pains, heals wounds, inspires hope and changes prospects. There are also songs with open and subtle influence that damages our sensibilities and opens our hearts to the surge of indecent thoughts, tension, and aggression.

The values of love and hate, pride and humility, pleasure and sacrifices, money and character are largely influenced by the kind of music we are exposed to. Even occultism, misogyny, obscenities and violence has shockingly become rife through heavy-metals, rap, pop, jazz and RNB.

Broadening our taste of music is good. But, when choosing, maintaining high standards as to the kind of songs that would to leave refreshing values of goodness upon the revealing facets of our inner being is crucial.

For me, content is what does it better. I would like to know what informs your choice too.
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©Simeon Elvis Dumle

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