After shocking 2020 many people are not ready to commit to any plan at all. They are saying let’s wait, to see how it will start and how it will be flowing. The craze of New Year resolution is at its lowest point this end year. The growth momentum of many people in different sector is unpredictable.

The investors are not ready to commit their savings to projects. The startups are greatly affected because they depend on the grants, loans and contribution from family and friends. No one is ready even for discussion of any possible project.

Friends let rise up, dust our coat and make a step forward because life has to move on. The pandemic might have hit us hard than we expected but because we are still live on this planet earth we must know that such disasters will happen and the greatest lesson we can pick is how we can be able plan and strategies to caution ourselves to greatest unseen disasters.

No matter how COVID-19 has strike in 2020, 2021 will be a better year. Great thing s will happen. You will make it, believe and implement your vision.



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