And a poetry I compose for you.

Elegant and soothing to my perturbed nerves.

And your gracious imagery I hold dearly

In my brain stuffed with so many pain.

But your sovereign love holds my sanity to a piece, whole.


You my love are a piece of my puzzle

Lips wet as the drizzle

Face like a carved postcard

Sweet and angelic you are

What then shall our love be called

Oh gracious beauty!


And before thy benevolent self

I exalt just a beauty.

Alluring and daring.

To make a happy man out of misery.

And your imagery I create

So when nature makes a mockery of me.

The future shall still merry for your existence


Shall I then run to the cathedral

Sound the bells and cymbals

Wake the monk from the monastery

Send a message across the land

To gather the townspeople

As I wait at the altar and watch you walk down the isle?


I will my legs to run and they take me down the hills

Next to the cathedral gates, I stop dead in my tracks.

What will the people say?

Will your father ever approve of our union?

Would I ever be able to say those words to you ‘To love and to hold’?


I fight back the tears that threatened to fall.

And walked courageously into the monastery

As the gates closed behind, I knew our love was doomed afterall.

Because I cannot have you,

I have chosen a life of celibacy!

©Smile ©Ichie Ahamefula

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