All I need

Destiny woke up with a restful smile. She rubbed her eyes and took some moments to get oriented with her environment. The room was well-lit and well ventilated. It was a perfect definition of comfort and wealth, definitely done by an excellent interior decorator.

“It’s a beautiful morning” She concluded as she took in all she saw.

Benita had dropped a note addressed to her on her reading table.
” Sir Maxwell had an emergency at the hospital and had to leave. I already left to help Deborah settle into her new apartment and get ready for her Thanksgiving party. Your breakfast is already served, it’s on the kitchen table. You have every other thing you need. We will be back before 9pm
– Love Benita”

She went in for a long soak in the bathtub after which she dressed up in one of the dresses she received from her benefactor: Mr Maxwell Onyia.

” This tastes great” She couldn’t help but agree, the coconut rice with pulpy juice was more than delicious. She hadn’t had something like nice in ages.

After taking breakfast and Washing the plates she just used, She proceeded on a tour of the house, she had come in yesterday very tired and slept off almost immediately she came in.

Having looked at the rooms (not by any means all of them) she got tired of looking and finally concluded that she will continue as long as she remained in the house. Since she will be here for a long time.
“Home, home at last” Her heart warmed up at the thought and she placed her hands across her chest as she rested on the sofa. Her new home!

Yes! She had just been adopted by Sir Maxwell

#You’ve got all you need#
Sochis Ace

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