Boys of B-block

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(A fiction)


It’s six weeks into the Third quarter, I drag my tired electrocuted body up the stairs to the top floor of Alexander Building, one of the prestigious dormitories of the compound. Walking down the aisle of rooms down to the extreme where stands my room right in front of the ever overflowing tank, my beautiful view of a man-made waterfall. As I opened the door, I saw my roommate, Benjamin straining his eyes up at me trying to see my facial expression… one can call him blind without his glasses. Striping myself naked as I throwing all my apparel to the various corners of the room, I hopped to the bathroom to take a shower right before I bury myself with the warmth of my blue velvet duvet. As I stood in the shower, all I could think of was the horrid flashbacks from years ago.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride into my memories…

When you have oranges, life takes that and gives you lime… that has been my story for the past few years. I was happy where I was or so I thought. A typical day starts when I hear the music from the loud blasters of boys of B-block when they come together to get ripped, carrying weights of 50, 60, 70 kilos like it’s nothing to them. Pull-ups, bench presses, squats were all like a routine to them and the noise, the noise is nothing to write home about. Peeping to see who exactly are gathered for this glorious morning session of work out, there… a tall, muscular man, in tan top, white bands of Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs peep from his sagged black shorts… I lost attention for a moment… looking up to see who it is, all that caught my eyes was the full, neat uniform beards… like who wakes up with a neat beard by 6:30 am on a  freaking Saturday morning! The crowd was quite much I could not see his face, I went back inside my room to comprehend what I just saw. “Black, tall, bearded, muscular,” I said as I counted my fingers, my favorite flavor of men. By now if you have not figured that I am queer, you should stop reading.

I went back to my bed to resume the sleep that was abruptly interrupted by these macho men. Trust me when I say sleeping was quite off the list for that morning. I stood up to answer the question, who is this stranger of the morning? I walked right in the middle of the guys while they worked out as I tried to avoid their sweaty bodies. It was indeed a sight to behold as I was hit by different scents and odors, I could feel the toxicity of this horde as they looked me down. The silence of that morning was deafening as those who carried weights paused. Coincidentally, the music ended at that moment. What manner of bad luck is this? It cannot be me causing this silence I said to myself as I hurriedly walked back pretending like I forgot something.

Fast forward to later that evening when everything was quiet and peaceful, decided to take a walk to get something to eat from the dining hall with Nolan, a friend from the chapel. A huge slurp of pottage was dished to me on my plate by the chef, in her late 50s. Walking to the table as Nolan and I giggled about humor that we saw earlier during the day.

About to take my first spoon, I was covered by a shadow of the “alpha” of the Karios, a Gothic ring. Before one could even say Jack Robinson, he offered me his apple requesting a favor

“Do you mind excusing Nolan for a minute?” he said. “Oh, sure! Carry him, do as you please” I replied hilariously. After a few minutes, he came back with a smile from ear to ear… what made him smile I don’t know till this day. We ate our meal, though not the optimal food but we have no choice since we are not blessed with the options. As we sat and interacted to while away time, the siren, loud as the trumpet of rapture was heard by all and sundry, we left our various gatherings to converge at the fields, common rooms, library… where ever we choose to be or scheduled to be at the time.

In the dead of the night, when the devils choose to crawl out of their traps, I visited a neighbor a few rooms down the block, one could feel the chemistry between these two gents, Sebastian and Daniel as they slept together reading different novels. Darkness, the alibi to many came forth… the generator, the main power supply has to take a break at a point. As the inverter came on shortly, does my eye deceive me, or is that an erection Sebastian is trying to hide… I better leave the room before I make things awkward. Trust me, this is not a facility to make enemies.

As I walked down to my room, my eyes caught glimpses of the activity of each room, some played cards, some slept, some talked, and caught up on their lives and activities. As I walked and got closer to my abode, how so ever calmly it might have been, out of the blues, a smack! A smack on my ass, as I turned back to see who it was, my face carried the shock and anger of the disgusting act. I was met with a delineated chest, bullets scars to the right, surgical scars at the center of the chest parting the pecs into halves, a tattoo of an angered viper wrapping a revolving pistol right on the top-left chest. As I gently rose my head to see who the fuck it was, all that was racing through my head was that I should calmly walk away to avoid any confrontation. Which was basically what I did. His gang, gathered around him laughed at me and my cowardly non-confronting act of retreat. My abode at last… one day down, many days to go.

Another day, at the communal bathroom, shared by those on the block. Walking through the toilet stalls, you can see holes of various sizes drilled into the plywood partitions of the bathroom almost the same level. Yep, you know what they are for. Men of the hour walked in as they bantered with the staff at the door. While I lathered myself, to commence my cleaning ceremony, Jeromy, of the last room of the block, stood unclad, his towel hung on his shoulder, with his hands holding the bar at the entrance of my stall. “Excuse me, can I help you?” I asked with caution of question. Jeromy smirked in return as he stared at my wet naked body, licking his lips. A baritone voice from the entrance called for him. As I peeped back to see who called, there he stood, the stranger of that morning, Mr. unknown, clothed unlike some barbaric few who do not understand the meaning of privacy. While I looked in awe of the wonder in a man, sizing him from head to toe, appreciating his features trying to take it all in, I was obstructed by the exit of the person in the neighboring stall. I rushed back into my stall to avoid awkward situations and unnecessary questions.

As I walked back to my room in my white towel and round-neck vest, looking down from the corridor, a train of new people boys of various sizes and age groups… escorted to their various rooms, holding their toiletries and belongings. As usual, those on the floors above them came out to cheer them welcome.

“Fresh meat!!!” “Awhoo! Awhooo!” “Freeeesshhh meat!!!” banging the barricade railings of the corridor. I almost felt sorry for them. As I walked back to my room, this cheering went on for almost 5 minutes. I was almost hit by someone rushing to catch a view. On getting to my room, someone from the new people caught my attention. A friend from old habits, David Mateo was exactly who I saw. “I guess life caught up with him,” I said while I walked back into my room to get ready for the day’s work.

At the common room where we get our weekly tasks, the Head-staff walked in to assign and brief us on our week’s duty. As we concluded the meeting, the Person assigned on kitchen duty started vomiting out of nowhere, for the sake of hygiene, he was replaced and I was assigned kitchen duty. We were dismissed and the day’s work started. Before we started our work, a weirdo made us introduce and talk to one another. A few minutes into our duty, the people from the other assignments walked in… time slowed for a minute as I saw him again. Mr. Unknown, casually rolling up his sleeves to give the floor some mopping justice. My thought and spirit were no longer here in the room, I was snapped out of it by the yelling of the staff assigned to monitor us.

The more we are, the merrier it could have been but the faster it was. We finished our duty early and went to the field for leisure. I was reading a book I borrowed from the library on a circular table at the corner of the field, then someone came and sat down at the opposite side, backing the rest of the field. For a moment, I pondered who can this be? Trying as much as possible to ignore, I heard this saving baritone voice from the bathroom, “won’t you try to give me an audience” he said lowly. His voice was so thick yet audible to the deaf. Tilting my book to the left to take a peek of who is requesting for my audience, there he was, seated a few centimeters away from me. Trying to hide my excitement, I dropped my book and looked him dead in the eyes, “Anything?” I said. He sighed and smirked that he noticed how I have been observing him, staring at him in crowds, and even today, he saw me looking at him multiple times. Me thinking he was trying to acknowledge the attention, only for him to dish out the question.

“Who are you and which gang are you part of?” he asked sternly. I was so confused in so many ways. He stood up, banged the table, and asked again. Fear quivered down my spine. I started to stammer, like what exactly I am expected to say at that moment? After repeating the question the third time, I could notice that he was drawing attention to my table. Shortly, Jeromy came to my aid, explaining my predicament to him, that I am nothing but a “deadbeat”. Only then did he leave me alone. I could not comprehend what happened, for like 30 minutes, I could still feel eyes intermittently looking at me, gossiping and trying to understand what just happened.

Later that night, I tried to get a shower to wash away the stress of the day. On getting to the bathroom, walking down to the last stall, I saw someone aggressively beating his meat like it owed him money, he looked back at me as I left. Only for him to finish as we locked eyes. Boy!!! You don’t do that! He asked what I wanted in an aggressive tone. I just had to reverse walk, step by step to the nearest stall to get my business done, then Jeromy came around. Wow just in time, another pervert.

I thanked him for the favor he did me earlier and from there we started talking. He asked if he can join me in my stall, help me scrub my back. I scoffed and thanked him, saying I don’t want him to get wet, because spaghetti gets strange while wet. He laughed and replied, what if this spaghetti is already weird. Eventually, he joined me. Looking into his eyes as he drew closer to me, a bump hit my crotch. A peek at it, my heart skipped a beat. This nigga has a rod for a phallus! I rose my head up looking at his eyes as I swallowed the saliva in my mouth. I was all shade uncomfortable and unready because this is definitely not preconceived on both parties. I tried to reach for my sponge to hand it over to him but he already had it in his hands. He leaned over to whisper turn over as his hand gently caressed my waist and heading for my ass. I turned gently understanding what was about to happen. He took the sponge, reached for the soap, lathered it, and gently scrubbed my back. For a moment, my heart reduced its pace, he could hear me breathe heavily and asked me to calm down.

He asked, why I was here… “Hum, I don’t understand the question. I am here to have my bath” I responded. He giggled and said I know what he means. I refused the urge but after much persuasion and cajoling, I eventually explained why I was there. The shower took a sharp end as he turned me to face him, rose my chin up, leaned over like he wanted to kiss me but gently whispered that I stay away from Wesley. “He is not like us” Jeromy said as he walked out of my bathroom stall grabbing his towel and walked away.

In the voice of Tony talks “EXCUSE ME!!!” who the fuck is Wesley? I asked him. He ignored me and kept walking. I pondered over and over again who is Wesley?

I rinsed the lather off my body and dried up my body to go back to my room. On getting to my room, I saw my roommate, Robert a lovely sweetheart, standing by the corner as Mr. Unknown sat on his bed, the lower bunk. I was confused for a minute, am I in the wrong room? I stepped out to look at the room number boldly painted by the side of the door. It was indeed my room. I walked back in looking at Robert’s face and demeanor trying to get clues of what was happening. He stood up from the bed as he grabbed my neck against the wall. Whatsoever freaky thought that would have come to my mind on a normal day went out with my breath as I sighed against the wall I was compressed against.

Press pause on the “Who is Wesley?” question. Mr. Unknown leaned over compressing me further against the wall. As he spoke, all I smelt was the freshly smoked joint he took, I reeked strongly of it. His pupils, well dilated isolated in his bloodshot red eye. He asked me again, who I was, trying to understand my obsession with him. This passive interrogation heated up quickly as he got violent, yelling over and over again, whose caucus I was part of. The noise of the block grew silent as all I heard over and over again was his voice and the ringing sensation of his hands visiting my face multiple times. His punches never missed my loins and cheeks. The building grew rowdier and rowdier as men gathered in the corridor to catch a glimpse of the action happening live in my room. The hullabaloo was extraordinary. After a long 20 minutes, I was saved by the staff who came in their number to separate the riot and took him to down to isolation. On my end, I was in pain. “I just wanted to sleep!” I mumbled in tears as I was taken to the nursing bay. On my way, there he was again, standing tall with nothing but an oversize pair of trousers and durag, Jeromy feeling sorry for me.

The pain was doused off with multiple doses of painkillers. The number of shots I had was quite significant. Antibiotics, anti-tetanus serum, and lots more… I was indeed a cocktail of drugs. The night ended early for everyone. The red alert lights were on and all staff on guard for anything, ready to dish out justice to anyone who steps out of line.

The following weeks were quiet and uneventful except for the times when Jeromy would wink at me when we make eye contact. A faithful Friday evening, while all gathered at the common room to watch the news and be updated on the happenings of the society, I decided to excuse myself to remain in my room. Trying to get a nap, somebody walked in. opening my eyes to see who exactly it was trying to disturb my peace, Jeromy, someone I detested who has come to grow on me. He threw my towel at me nudging his head that I follow him. The night was cold, I guess I could use a warm shower. I got down and tried to stall a bit wondering what will happen this time around as the last time, he gave me a riddle I have not solved.

Standing at the entrance of the bathroom, the white noise from the running shower was heard towards the last stall. I walked skeptically down to the bathroom corridor as the fluorescent bulb kept on flickering. On getting to the stall the noise was coming from, it was empty. Thoughts racing ran through my head as I tighten my fist ready to give hurting punches to anyone who thinks about playing pranks. If you have watched enough horror movies, this is usually the time hysterical melodies start to play. Out of the blues, Jeromy was right behind me like a ghost of Christmas past. He gently ran his fingers down my shoulders to my hand. My fist automatically released and my thoughts were cleared for a brief moment. Mind you, we were in the bathroom corridor. Who knew barbaric Jeromy could be this gentle. “You know, for someone who looks as calm as you, you are kind of intimidating,” he said as he rocked me gently. Wait, what? Am I intimidating? I thought. I giggled and replied, if you are in this kind of environment, you don’t have a choice.

The hour of power conversion came. We were in the dark for a few minutes. His hands though rough felt gentle as he removed my towel, throwing it against the stall’s partition. Planting warm kisses down my neck, I stood up. As he breathed out, the air from his nostrils even aroused me further… he did… and did… when we were almost at… he also tried… boy was that intense as he… (What are you looking for? Go and find it elsewhere!)

After a long 15 minutes of being alone bathroom, we started hearing noise from the corridor, we figure it was time to depart. One can say he really put his sexual tension to good use. As he was walking away, the thought came into my head again “who is Wesley?” as this was the same way he walked out the last time. I asked and he replied that it was nothing to think of. He leaned over and kissed me one last time while switching on the shower and walking away. I stood still for a minute wondering what just happened.

I finished up in the bathroom and went to my room. Robert could not but notice the smile on my face. He being caring asked why I am smiling this much. I shrugged it off stating that it’s nothing serious just a joke I happened to hear on my way. That day was the start of the true affectionate love between myself and Jeromy.

The following week, at my usual spot, the circular table at the corner of the field, while reading another book borrowed from the library, here approached Jeromy along with few guys whom I perceive to be his gang members. I was scared of what was about to happen normally, people don’t pay attention to the table as it’s the smallest and people already know its where I stay but seeing a body of men, huge men and Jeromy in the middle approaching me, I could not but think of deadly thought. What have I done again I mumbled. Jeromy sat down and smiled. He asked me to relax as he dismissed his gang men. He said I choose to spend the afternoon with you. Boy, was I already at heaven’s doorstep for a minute.

The afternoon got interesting as Jeromy and I got to know one another. He even broke down each gang and alliance for me. “You see them, those are the Vipers” as he pointed at a gathering of heavily muscular men. “Now, that boy over there is the son of Arari drug lord and those who are around him are ready to give their life for him any day,” he said as he turned my head toward their direction. “That explains a lot” I replied. We talked for hours, telling each other stories till we were obligated to leave the field.

Weeks turned to months, Jeromy started opening up more and more to me. Our show of affection graduated from the corners of the bathroom stalls to him hugging me on corridors and public spaces. We made the torture bearable for each other. Then dark clouds appeared over my day, Mr. Unknown is back from his great travels looking like he needs more than a haircut. As he walked further, men started yelling Wesley was back, cheering up and making him feel welcome. You know how a glass cup breaks as it falls from a height… that was how it was in my head. You mean this is Wesley, the nigga I was drooling over!!! The monster that put me in the sickbay for days! All of a sudden, I started sweating, my heart chose to participate in the Olympics 100 meter dash, its’ pace was uncontrollable. From the distance he stood, he locked his eyes on me as he ignored all the parade thrown on his behalf and charged towards me. Quivering with fear as I braced myself for a brawl, at least this time I should put up a fight. As he drew nearer and nearer the world became smaller. He was right in my front, I could feel the resentment he had towards me. Ironically, he threw his arms open and hugged me “you and I are not done!” he whispered with his baritone voice. He released me, smiled, and walked away back to meet his friends. I turned and walked back slowly to my room. After that scene, I went straight to bed. Robert wondered why I was so quiet. Normally, I would have spoken with him but silence was the order of the night.

The following day came. I laid still on my bed. Opening my eyes and wondering what I had done to Wesley to deserve this treatment. Everyone bathed and went to the field, I laid still in bed staring at the picture of a beautiful landscape in Puerto Rico pasted on the roof of my room. Jeromy on the other end noticed that my table was deserted. He left the field and came to the room to look for me. He stood by the door leaning against the wall like a man ready to surprise his lover. “What can make you this sad and worried,” he said. Man, I am in no mood for this was what echoed in my head. He jumped on my bed and cuddled with me for a few minutes. In silence, we were as Jeromy whispered into my ears “I love you”. Worry became surprise as I sat up to look at him for him to repeat what he just said. He rose his head a bit anchored himself with one elbow and held my cheek with the other, he looked me dead in the eyes, as he repeated himself, stating my full government name. As this was going on, the thought of Wesley faded away.

To ruin my parade, Wesley showed up at the door. Agitated by the scene of Jeromy and me, he brought out a shiv made from a toothbrush and tried to stab me. Jeromy, been alert took the first jab, hopped down, and brawled with Wesley. Slashes here, punches here, rolling on the floor, it was indeed the fight of two elephants. As they tackled each other, I froze in fear. Allow me to close my eyes and open it, the blade took a deep dive into a neck. My brain did not initially register what just happened. Jeromy was shoved aside by Wesley after receiving multiple stabs to his neck as he bled and choked in his blood. He stood up and ran away with his hand dripping in Jeromy’s blood. I cried for help multiple times begging him to stay with me. My heart grew bitter with each gasp he took. Holding my hands with his bloody hands. His eyes teared up. I was weeping profusely and the entourage of officials came to my aid, as they tore his hand from my grasp.

I was held in an interrogating room and asked series of questions, some I could provide answers to. After hours of being in the interrogation room, a different person came in this time around. He walked in with his black uniform, looking like the angel of death… Officer A. M. Wyatt if I could remember. He sat down and explained that he understood my relationship with Jeromy, though unconventional but not surprising and he knew I was the nearest person to a next of kin to him… his next few words broke my mind. In his words “Jeromy lost a lot of blood and died before they could get him to the hospital…” My eyes became wet as I looked down at my blue uniform stained with blood, Jeromy’s blood. The tears dropped profusely as I became hysterical. I sat down there for a few hours till officers dragged me back to the cell.

Over time, I became violent and manic. After a few weeks of causing unspeakable damages to people, especially boys of B-block, I was reevaluated and I was transferred to the asylum from the state prison on court orders.


My name is Caleb, Maverick Caleb and that was how I lost my only true love at the hands of Wesley who by the way is on death row. As I came out of the shower, the nurse came and gave me some antipsychotic drugs I think. They make me slow and sleepy. Well safe to say, that will be the last of the pill.

Jeromy, my love,

We have been separated for years,

My heart grows thin and weary, for you, it yearns,

Listening around with parts of my body, my ears

How to see you soon, I learn.

Jeromy, my love,

In your arms, I walk into,

For I close my eyes not to wake,

Unlike our first time, this will not be impromptu,

For I know no one will attend my wake.

Caleb took 39 pills he accumulated over time and died in his bed.

The end.

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