A Near-death Experience

A Near-death Experience

There was this day I decided to surprise my friend with a visit. Margaret had been my seatmate since SSS1. At the beginning of SSS3, I had to be withdrawn from St Rita’s College because my aunt with whom I lived thought the final year fees were outrageous. In my new school, I had only three classmates who resented me for reasons I did not know. It was not until after spending a term with them that I was informed by an SSS2 girl whom I used to help with literary analysis that they felt threatened by my presence in the class. Before my arrival, whether or not they studied hard, they would emerge the “top three” of the class. In their thoughts, a fourth person was going to change all of that. They frustrated me but it did not stop me from outshining them.

I really wanted to talk to Margaret and share all of my experiences with her but since I did not have a cell phone, I decided to visit her. She had written her address at the back of my economics notebook. I was quite familiar with the street but had never visited her because my aunt would not permit me. I was only lucky that day because my aunt had just been delivered of a baby through a Caesarean Section and would be in the hospital for another week.

I finally located the gate. It was just as she had described it. My first impression of the house was a pleasant one. I could not contain my joy. “She would be so delighted to see me.” I thought with tears of joy in my eyes. Peeping through the half-open gate, I caught a glimpse of a long stretch of grey interlocking tiles. “Wow!” I had said to myself in awe and excitement. The distance from the gate to the porch of the house was at least 120 metres. I smoothened my hair with my left palm and adjusted my skirt before stepping into the compound. I had covered half the distance when I heard a funny sound behind me. I looked back and right behind me was a fuming goliath. It was not the kind of dog to waste its strength on barking. It was growling as I saw the scariest sight of my life: fangs!

“I’m dead. I’m dead. Dog, please don’t bite me” I remember saying among some other rubbish.

“Run” I heard my late grandfather’s voice.

“Don’t run. It will bite you” It was my aunt’s voice this time.

By now, I was both transfixed and shivering to my spine.

“Muuuuuuuuuuummyyyyy!” I caught my own voice in the air.

The next thing I remember is that I opened my eyes to a young man using a card to fan me. I was lying on the porch of the same house I had entered.

“She’s awake!” I heard him say to someone else whose presence I had not noticed. They lifted me to a sitting position before the other person, a lady, asked “I hope you’re fine now?” I nodded.
“How did you get in here?”
“I came to see Margaret. She’s my friend”
“Margaret?” They both repeated, looking at each other in wonder”
“Yes, please”
“I’m sorry, dear, but I think you have the wrong address”

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  1. Wrong address when she had only been given another chance to breathe🤣. Nice one ma’am

  2. Funny, looking for Margaret in a lion’s den. Sophiaaaa, Margaret’s friend.

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