Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Faramade and Morakinyo had just moved into a new apartment because the prophet had told them that their former house was responsible for Faramade’s three miscarriages. In accordance with the prophet’s words, Faramade thought she had always seen a masked person that had the physique of their landlord in her dreams on the days she had miscarried her babies. Morakinyo too said that he remembered a dream in which someone who had a strange face but the voice of the landlord once hit him on his groin with a red cudgel. They had moved out quietly one night to avoid being seen.

They employed the services of this prophet in the special purification of the new apartment before they moved in. With unpacked luggage all over the house, they decided to spend the day cleaning and putting things in place.

“I’ll just get some detergents and Hypo from the kiosk down the street.” Faramade had announced.

“That’s just fine. I’ll get to work”

Faramade hurried out to get the items and returned in no time.

“Akin, mo ti de o (I’m back)”

“In here. I’m scrubbing the bathroom walls” he called out to her.

“Okay dear. Let me sort these bags. This house is too dusty.” she complained.

“Easy, dear.”

“Have you heard from Abbey? What did he say about the money he owes you?”

“That one? He’s finally got top ranking with lies. Shior”

“Hmmmmmn. I did not want you to lend him that money. Something was not right about the business he said he needed that money for.”

“I had to show some mercy, dear. I leave him to God.”

“God will definitely punish him.”

He laughed at her. She smiled too. She could not explain it but the work felt easy because of the chat. She picked up their bag of shoes from the mini corridor where she had been working and took it into the bedroom. There, she met Morakinyo asleep on their mattress which he had not even bothered to dress.

“You’re back?” he said sleepily “What took you so long?”

“Wait. I left you in the bathroom before coming here. You said you were scrubbing the walls.”

“Walls? Bathroom?” he repeated her words, looking lost and tired.

“Akin, don’t play with me. We were chatting up till some thirty seconds ago”

“That’s not possible. I decided to wait for you because I needed some soap to clean the bathroom. Somehow, I slept off”

“So who was conversing with me from the bathroom?” she asked, trembling.

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  1. I guess the dusty bathroom is responsible for this dual Marakinyo. Nice story, So! Ride on.

  2. Strange indeed, I pictured everything in my head while reading.. lol 😅… Beautiful piece.. Ride on!.. much love😍

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