Doctor Strange; Events of year 2020

Doctor Strange; Events of year 2020

Well, Doctor Strange did a terrible job as Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. He had one job-use the Eye of Agamotto, known as the Time stone, to look forward to seeing potential futures on how to defeat the mad titan Thanos.

Spoilers! he only found one possible future where the titan was defeated but, it would be at the cost of our favourite Iron avenger.

I wished Doctor strange had spared the earth a few milliseconds to also look into the possible future of what the year 2020 would have looked like. Maybe we would have gone back in time to rewrite our past mistakes.

I do not have a word for the year 2020, but we all know it as the year the pandemic struck.

The outbreak was said to have started in a small town in China called Wuhan. Wuhan is the largest city in Hubei and the most populous city in Central China, with a population of over 11 million. Although we are not sure how this virus came into existence, it has proved to be deadly.

The virus was name Coronavirus or Covid-19 for short. The name was derived from Latin, meaning “crown.” This refers to the characteristic appearance of virions (the infective form of the virus) under electron microscopy, which looks like a rounded football with spikes.

The year started like every other year that proceeded it. With celebrations, couples going on dates, families praying and thanking God for making it to the new year, the whole world had high expectations and plans.

Then the reality of what was happening in Wuhan, China hit us, hard. The sudden lockdown, the rise in products and services, the travel ban both international and interstate. The hearts of Nigerians were thrown into a frenzy.

Many believed there was a virus on the rampage. But the majority of the population dismissed the claims despite how the nation was glued to the “live scores” updates released every evening by NCDC (Nigeria Center for Disease Control).

The lifestyle of Nigerians went from active to passive in mere weeks. Schools, markets, malls, cinemas, and religious houses were temporarily closed down. This took a toll on the mental health of Nigerians. Students had to find alternatives to learning. Some started online courses, while some are now successful entrepreneurs.

Companies and institutions utilized online video platforms to discuss restrategizing their visions and goals to better suit the digital economy. Zoom cashed out.

Relationships weren’t left out either. Some got entangled along the way, while others tied the knots and started something new.

Slowly Nigeria adjusted to the new normal of communicating via social media platforms. New friends were made, new music albums were released by our favourite artistes. Their songs ceased pain for a few minutes or hours before we realized almost a whole year of our lives had gone by in a flash.

Covid-19 came along with a change no one expected, but as Nigerians, we did what we do best- Survive against all odds.

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