Technology In The Age Of Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19)

Technology In The Age Of Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19)





The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has caused everyone to revisit the global norms that have been the backdrop for business for the last century. Coupled with emerging technologies, socio-demographic shifts, and political and economic uncertainty, COVID-19 has changed the entire economic and geopolitical systems. In addition, the nature of trade is undergoing a profound shift in an increasingly digital, interconnected cyber world. Resilience and connectivity will be the new watchwords as organisations seek to adjust to this unpredictable future.

Disruptive technologies—like AI, blockchain, robotics, and 3D printing—are playing a key role in supporting the COVID-19 response and recovery efforts in emerging markets.

Technology in coronavirus crisis


The way we live has changed immeasurably since the beginning of March when COVID-19 began spreading rapidly from countries to countries. Now, since mid-April, most of us have been at home, using tools like Zoom, Teams, and Slack to stay in touch with colleagues. The importance of technology in our lives cannot be overemphasized and has never been more apparent as it has greatly touched every nations’ economy sectors especially during this global epidemic



Technology has helped in  providing extraordinary support to mitigate the negative effects of coronavirus in today’s scenario as it has enabled people to keep in touch with their friends and family and loved ones. It has also ease tensions as it has become a source of entertainment and information and purchasing items. Many people have also acquired numerous skills through technology. Other than groceries and prescriptions we’re buying almost everything online and having it shipped to our door.



There is no denial about the fact that the education sector has also been affected by this horrible pandemic as schools and colleges had to shut down. However, through technology, many institutes have created interactive courses and there are now online lectures and examinations in order to keep the education sector running. Many people have also discovered the advantages of online courses and certificates. 


Good health and well-being:

As a result of COVID-19 outbreak, many people now receive treatments at home and order for drugs with the aid of technology. Through technology, scientists and developers are also looking for a way to get a cute or a vaccine for this deadly disease..

Even after the pandemic, most people (both patients and doctors) will continue using this method of technology because of its benefits. 




The effects of COVID-19 are having a significant impact on every sector, disrupting and causing an inflationary risk on nations’ economy. More positively, the disruption has caused an acceleration in the use of technology which is faster, better and time saving.

Even once the world moves past the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s unlikely that people will return to life as it was before the outbreak.However, these skills and techniques would remain in a post coronavirus pandemic world as we see a renewed focus on business continuity and resilience.

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