Bear My Burden


True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else. (Clarence Darrow)

This a new month and a lot happened at the close of the last one. The killings and deaths in several parts of the nation left people wondering if there is an unspoken punishment or something. But we would fool ourselves if we say these events are peculiar to a group of people or a consequence of a sect. The truth is every part of the nation has a battle or challenge facing it presently.

The north is plagued by insurgency that it is almost sounding as normal to our ears. The lands where the bulk of Nigerian cereals and spices are grown are now relics of destruction. It is now a constant battle between the owners of lands and the owners of livestock. Villages that used to be tourist sites are being turned to a place where children’s life do not matter much and they grow in fear.

The South is also not spared from this daily dose of tears as ritual killings, kidnapping and selling of human parts are fast becoming a norm. When that is not the case, it is a collapsed building or a fire outbreak. It saddens to review Nigeria’s security where the force men protest non payment of their rights or where police stations are closed because of security reasons.
But that is just one out of the many things that ails our country. The talk is divided to the pray alone and work alone sect. Some think the nation is beyond repair and only the Almighty can salvage. Some others think that even He has given up on the nation and its up to us to save ourselves.
We have so much tears in our eyes that it’s difficult to see any good. This is Nigeria and we are Nigerians. We have different roles to play to deliver a better Nigeria to our children than the one we inherited.

It’s more than a week since WhatsApp statuses made me want to know what really happened. Or should I say it’s been more than a week since 11 villages were razed in Plateau State and the perpetrators still roam freely. If a child falls, you don’t just ask him to walk it off. If he faces a bully, you don’t just tell him to live through it. But in this context the whole of Nigeria has asked it’s Northern part to walk off the incessant attacks it faces.

Some think the burning bridge was God’s way of punishing the rest of Nigeria for caring less about the North. Well, don’t be too hasty to judge them. They hurt and it almost feels that way when you have to ask daily if there is a law?

You may say it’s none of your business if the killings don’t get to Ago-woye or as long as Okpilla is safe then you’re unperturbed. Well, we could turn a blind eye to the nation’s plight because it has not affected us directly, then we can not count ourselves as patriots. We are responsible for electing into office those we are sure would represent our interest best.

Dear Nigerian, you should know that you have blood on your hand if you should have but didn’t take part in the last election because you didn’t feel like. There’s is blood on your hand if you still feel nonchalant about the coming elections. Don’t think you’re free if you don’t pray for Nigeria or say in your heart that the nation is done for.

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  1. This is very beautiful. Its like a small voice crying amidst many dragon howls.
    Thank you for not keeping this to yourself like most of us do.

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