The covetous Messiah

The covetous Messiah

In the light of the recent outburst on social media about the opaque handling of what could be regarded as public funds which was donated by the public during the agitation for an end to police brutality in Nigeria, popularly tagged ‘The End Sars Protest’;  A  group of ladies who identify themselves as Feminist Coalition, which had earlier tasked themselves voluntarily, to accept willful donations from the public and engineer the success of the End Sars Campaign in their own capacity, is now called into questioning after a twitter user brought to the notice of the public that the group had moved BTC worth $51,000 to another block chain account on the 5th of March 2021, it should be remembered that at a point during the End Sars campaign, some accounts were said to be frozen by the Nigerian government in an attempt to sabotage the success of the campaign; (The Feminist Coalition Bank account was one of the multiple accounts that had been alleged to suffer this fate, thus prompting for a call for donations to be made via digital currencies).

Following this outburst on social media, a statement has been put forth by the Feminist Coalition explaining the alleged transaction, however a large number of the public and especially crypto currency experts and enthusiast have disagreed with the explanation put forth by the group, thus questioning the transparency of a group who some months ago was agitating not just for an end to a corrupt police system but also accountability on the part of the government.

If the allegations against Feminist Coalition be true then ironically our generation might just be producing leaders who are, or could be more atrocious than the current flock of leaders we are used to complaining about.

As a social thinker, my mind plunged into the ocean of thoughts, and it fished out the diverse effect this would have on future social agitations..

Apparently there have been winners and losers amongst the participants of the End Sars protest… Families lost loved ones, from the very first day of the protest till 20/10/2020, the day which is now famous because of the Lekki toll gate massacre that had happened on this day, many businesses met their waterloo during this period as well, which some or most of the owners of these businesses are yet to recover from their loss…

Hence it is not just a dishonour for any person or group of persons to want to profit from the End Sars protest, it is a crime in all its essence….


The words of the popular street hop artiste Azeez Adeshina Fashola aka Naira Marley, ”Ole ni everybody” which translation into english would mean ”Everyone is a thief”  kept reverberating in my head as i thought about the reality of the fact that maybe public funds in Nigeria might never find safe hands that would be 90% accountable, as much as i am not trying to be a pessimist who dont believe that any good can come out of Nigeria, the realities of the fact that 80-90% of Nigerians are ready to milk and take undue advantage of any situation even when its at the detriment of the general good are overwhemingly plausible. Interestingly the post of Senator Dino Melaye about year ago sounds more apt now.,

   ”The population of people waiting to steal is higher than those currently stealing”

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