Along the struggles and plight of life,lies a path,narrow and appealing,a path which only the brave dare to thread, feared by many;overcome by few.

 Mama was all I had after being abandoned by a father we all assume once existed. Growing up absently minding the presence of a father was indeed a hard task. “All will be well,the source of the earth hasn’t forgotten”,Mama would always say. I kept  on wondering the source she meant. 

As I grew I learnt life happens to be a gradual process to a successive crest. “Our father and source of life we pray and ask for grace not to derail for lack of satisfaction”These were Mama’s prayers as the days went by. Mama believed we all came from a source and to that source we all will return someday; strange but an actual fact.

 As a teenager I got to understand the ways and principles of life. “Grace not to derail”,I kept on saying to myself. Life in highschool was as tough as it felt with the grace of the source I was able,but who was this source we kept on saying our prayers to. what connection have we with this source.

The time came when Mama  had to leave.”Always remember the source has not forgotten you”those were Mama’s last words to me. Now years has passed yet these words still cling to me;”Always remember the source has not forgotten!!”.  

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