Funny how intrigued I had been to leave the house. I pictured life as an unbelievable factor as I walked through the street in search for the days meal. I looked around me and discovered nothing in life came easy, with people in a haste to meet up their daily businesses. There was a lady by the road side calling out to customers with a baby on her back not minding her looks, having in mind the welfare of the kids she probably left in her home. Taxi drivers plied the streets calling out to passengers “Ogba!Ogba!Ogba !”. I could hear the drivers scream, even through the music blasting through the ear pods fixed into my ear.¬† Motorcyclist recklessly cruising through the traffic hurriedly wanting to drop off each passengers topped the list. Multitude of people gathered around a vendor’s shop absently minding the raise of their voices on one another arguing on only “God knows what”. Hawkers alerting buyers of the content of their trays while they sashayed with flexible hips made the hustle more attractive. Who wouldn’t want to have that view as they worked their ass off?

Unbelievable still, was the presence of nice and flashy cars parading themselves down that same road, not for once taking in the scene playing around them. It wasn’t their base nor their dome. I could vividly see the faint line etched between the two groups of humans. Sometimes, the line gave way a little bit and toppled from either sides. The flashy sometimes had to crawl to the other side where the “f” doesn’t even exist while the nobodies suddenly got lucky and jumped over the line. It’s tricky a little mistake, sometimes nothing at all, shook that line. I guessed that was nature’s way of balancing itself.

Just then, a bike jumped out of nowhere and I found myself on the dirty Lagos ground, shielding my precious ear plugs from being crushed by the wheels of the tires. Nature’s equilibrium decided to move over to my side of the world and I looked on as market women and buyers among hurled abusive words at the rider. Of course, I wasn’t left out of the yells. I got my equal share, getting blamed for walking around a busy street with my ears blocked. A young woman even called me dumb for protecting my pods rather than my face which had been at the mercy of the tire. But you can’t possibly blame me too. You of all people should understand the important ear pods are – the follow come for that matter.

I got up with no efforts but had to walk down with the weight of the onlooker at my back and the cold feel of saliva from people I could never identify if I met them again.

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